Last Jedi Minute 98: The Naughty Side of the Force

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June 16th, 2021


Guest bloke Joseph Scrimshaw drops his cloak to make some Snoke jokes before he croaks!


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts with Holdo being left behind on the Raddus, and ends with Rey telling Snoke, "you underestimate Skywalker and—"


  • What articles of clothing you should or shouldn't wash. The meaning (or lack thereof) of expiration dates for foods.
  • The scene is designed to show the vulnerability of the transports.
  • Mentioned: the Snyder cut. A "George Lucas" version of the Disney movies.
  • Raddus facts.
  • Shoutout to Alison Rosen.
    • Snoke as a New Jersey gangster (à la "The Sopranos").
  • What you'd really do if you had Force powers. Snoke is using his powers for laziness. Mentioned: Idiocracy.
    • Snoke's (digestive) physiology.
  • How much does Snoke know of his own origins? Mentioned: Blade Runner (1982).
    • He studied under the Palpatine Academy of Sarcasm.
      "Oh I heard that place is really good. You're going to get a greeeeat education."
  • Snoke is driven by fear of Luke.
  • Mentioned: the Rhino from Spider-Man lore. Referenced: Flowers for Algernon.
  • A lot of things in TFA and TLJ feel like two beats of a story that are then missing a third beat to wrap things up and close the arc. The third movie is like a patch.
    • A two-part arc doesn't feel satisfying to those of us who grew up with Western literary tradition.
  • It's fleshed out in the "Rise of Kylo Ren" comics that Palpatine is not able to serve the role that he did for Anakin, that is, the friendly old man who offers a different way; that's what Snoke is for to Kylo Ren.
    • Trying to turn Luke Skywalker in a single meeting didn't work so well.
    • They could also have done a different big bad in each of the three movies leading up to Palpatine in the last one. Referenced: Scorpion (from Marvel).
  • What does it feel like to be levitated using the Force? Is it like a dancer being lifted, or more like a carnival ride?
    • Can Jedi levitate two different things at once, like one with each hand?
    • Mentioned: Zapped! (1982). Other '80s teen sex comedy tropes.
      • There's the Light Side the dark side and the naughty side of the force.
  • Star Wars cocktails.
    • Outside of the officially licensed ones at Galaxy's edge, are there any good Star Wars cocktails? Punny, but that actually taste good?
  • What Snoke does when he's alone with the Praetorian guards. He probably wants to show them funny videos and anytime they try to contribute he shuts them down ("this is about me, not you").
  • Plug for Buy some new clothes so you don't have to wash your old ones. Buy a hoodie and just wash the hood.

Meta Minute

  • 32:39 podcast episode length.
  • We're three-for-three on Joseph's 'Hello there' gag.
  • In an interview with CNBC, Levi Strauss CEO Charles Bergh weighed in on whether or not to wash your denims, and how best to go about this.
  • The "Simpsons" features a Island of Dr. Moreau parody in Treehouse of Horror XIII.
  • Alex is referencing Mannequin Two: On the Move.
  • James A. Garfield (20th president of the USA) was well known for being ambidextrous. There is a rumor that he could simultaneously write with one hand in Greek and the other hand in Latin, but there isn't much evidence to back this up, and no hints to where the rumor started.


  • Pete: I don't want that to be seen as, kind of, acquiescing to angry baby men...
  • Pete: Darkness rises, and light to meet it. The balance of the Force *smacks hands together* Ayyyy.
  • Pete: (paraphrasing Alex on a previous episode) "shave and a haircut, two—" Alex: on the move.
  • Joseph: Ambi-Force-dextrous?
  • Pete: The air is the shaker and I am the glass.
  • Pete: Hit us with your cocktails <pause> Not literally.


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