Last Jedi Minute 99: Tall Charlie Brown

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June 17th, 2021


Rey & Snoke continue their Force-centric conversation in front of guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw from the Force Center!


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts with Rey telling Snoke that he underestimates Ben and her. Ends with Snoke levitating Rey away about 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground.


  • Great example of sarcastic Snoke here. Who does sarcasm better: Sheev or Snoke?
    • Snoke being Sheev's angsty teenage son.
    • Sheev being sick of subtlety and just broadcasting to the Galaxy that he's coming for them.
  • Other things that Snoke is underestimating.
  • Call out to Tony Thaxton. Make a 1950s or 60s doo-wop type song called "Young Fool".
  • This scene is (probably) intentionally very evocative of the throne room scene in Return of the Jedi.
    • Recall: Rian Johnson was originally going to write the outline for Trevorrow's third in the Trilogy, but when Colin got canned, Johnson smashed together his scripts for VIII and IX and made it his script for VIII.
    • It really does undermine the expectations to have something from the end of a trilogy in the middle of a trilogy, but it works because Snoke actually does die (spoilers).
  • Was Snoke ever a young man with a full head of hair? Did he think he was (in his implanted memory)? And if so, what style was his hair? Or was he always just a tall Charlie Brown?
  • Various comic book artists doing their own takes on illustrating Snoke.
  • Snoke's big pointy nails. Joseph's head canon is that, much like Palpatine, this is a physical manifestation of his incredible evil and being a Force addict.
    • That's what Alex used to think too until Revenge of the Sith. But this could still be the case (see below).
    • Maybe, even if Snoke were to doll himself up (in an 80s movie montage), he'd still revert to his true form by morning.
  • According to the visual dictionary, Snoke wears a couple of rings on his fingers, including one with an obsidian stone from Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar. See also: chunks of the Berlin Wall.
  • Is Snoke telling the truth that it was he who bridged Rey and Kylo Ren's minds, and if so, how and when? Classic villain overconfidence to think this would make each weaker and make Rey easier to turn, when in fact the exact opposite was true.
    • Was this on Palpatine's orders?
    • Palpatine's motivations: who he wants to possess versus who he wants dead; his desire for revenge against Anakin and his fears of a resurgent Jedi.
      • Palpatine trying to possess Rey is a pivot after Kylo Ren becomes Ben Solo again in Rise of Skywalker.
      • Is this classic Sheev (all part of his plan), or is he just taking credit after the fact because he has so many plans many of which contradict each other?
      • This week has made Pete reconsider whether or not he likes Palpatine being involved in the story at all. The Star Wars movies had almost gotten away from relying so heavily on the Originals, but no.
      • However, at a certain point you just have to engage with the story as it is presented.
  • This movie is well scripted in the dialogue. Snoke is a bigger, over-the-top villain who says big, over-the-top villain things.
  • What up, SWMLS!

Meta Minute

  • 30:15 podcast episode length.
  • Despite Alex biting Joseph's "hello there" gimmick, Joseph is four for four with the dramatic hood removal.
  • There's a whole section on the Wookieepedia article for Force lightning that goes into the "disfigurement debate". The short answer is that no official word has been forthcoming.
  • Julian Casablancas is the lead singer for the band The Strokes.


  • Joseph: <dramatic pause> Hello there I'm Joseph Scrimshaw: writer, podcaster, and recreational hood remover.
  • Alex: (paraphrasing Joseph, on The Rise of Skywalker) The Overt Menace.
  • Pete: *loudly* I don't know guys!
  • Joseph: (as the Emperor) <relaxes> Blah! Unlimited power—I'm out!
  • Pete: (as Snoke) I'm just going to sit here and wear a robe and… <long pause> and poop in this chamber. All day.
  • Alex: I like that Snoke stoked. Pete: (following up) Snoke stoked it with the cruelest stroke.


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