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If there's one thing we know about George Lucas, it's that he likes to re-use and recycle names. If you look back into older drafts, you'll find a lot of familiar-seeming words in unfamiliar forms. Below is a list of recycled names, and other places they show up in the (canon) Star Wars universe.

Name How are they related?
Alderaan Was originally the gas giant capital of the Empire. See also: Organa Major. Aquilae, Utapau and Ophuchi.
Annikin Starkiller Son of Kane Starkiller in Lucas' original draft. Later became the name of Luke's father.
Aquilea Originally the home of pod racer Neva Kee. The name comes from Aquilae.
Ashla In Lucas' original draft, the Ashla was an aspect of the Force that later became the Light Side. Ashla is now the name of one of the younglings in the Bear clan. The other aspect of the Force is the Bogan.
Bail Antilles Related by blood to Breha Organa.
Bail Prestor Organa His last name comes from "Ogana Major". His middle name "Prestor" was used in the Star Wars radio drama, and they suggested that "Bail" might some kind of title.

Since this is not Canon, the fact he has the same first name as Bail Antilles must just be some crazy coincidence.

Banta Four Was a starfighter in the original draft. Became the name of a Rebel flight group in the second draft. Later became "Bantha" with the addition of an "h".
Barada Both the last name of a pod racer (first name "Bozzie", who would have been from Kessel) and the name of a skiff guard, played by Dickey Beer.
Bendu Originally called the Jedi-Bendu of the Ashla, Jedi was eventually shortened to just Jedi. Bendu became the name of a character in "Star Wars Rebels".
Beru Whitesun Lars Married to Cliegg Lars' son.
Besspin Kaalida/Besspin-Kaaleita/Bestpenkoleta/Bestpenkoluta Was going to be a Rebel base on a garden planet at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Was shortened to "Bespin" and became the cloud planet (see Hoth below).
Biggs Was at one time the younger brother of Leia before becoming Luke's friend from Tatooine.
Bogg Tyrell No relation of Ratts Tyerell.
Breha Organa, (née Antilles) Married to Bail Organa. The name Breha appears in Lucas' original draft.
Captain Raymus Antilles Distantly related to Bail Antilles and Breha Organa.
Chewie Antilles Original name of the version of Bail Antilles that would later become Wedge.
His first name would eventually become Chewbacca's nickname.
Chuba At one point, this is the planet where Dud Cullindaros was from. Later it became another name for the Gorg that Gragra is seen selling in the Naboo Movie.
"Chuba" is also several different words in Huttese.
Clieg Whitsun Was changed to Cliegg Oxus, and then eventually became Cliegg Lars.
"Oxus" later became somebody else as well.
Dantooine No word on whether this name has anything to do with Tatooine.
Dianoga Although it was usually some kind of monster, it has also been called Dai Noga and Dia Nogu in earlier drafts.
Dud Cullindaros Name re-used for Dud Bolt. Dud hailed from Chuba.
Mace Towani No relation of Mace Windu/Windy. "Towani" comes from "Townowi".
Hoth Originally the name of the cloud planet that became Bespin. Re-used for the ice world (which was unnamed in The Brackett Draft).
Mavassi Became Massassi.
Mon Calamari Not at all related to Mon Mothma, despite being introduced in the same movie.
Moons of Iego Originally this was where racer Teemto Pagalies was from. Now it's where you can find the Angels.
Ody Mandrell Originally Ody Mysturall, sounds a lot like Ord Mantell.
Ogana/Organa Ogana (Organa) Major was at one time going to be the name for Alderaan before becoming Leia's surname.
Ophuchi At one point, this was to be the homeworld of Mace Windu. Later it was the homeworld of Mars[o] Guo, and was later shortened to just "Phu".
Ratts Tyerell Not related to Bogg Tyrell.
Sido-Dyas Clumsy pseudonym/false identity of Sidious.
Sullust A name that has been kicked around in early drafts (sometimes spelled "Sullest") since the very start. At one point it was where Clegg Holdfast was from, but is now Nien Nunb's home planet.
Syfo-Dyas Typo of "Sido-Dyas". Now a separate character.
Townowi/Aquilae Some of the original names for Tatooine.
Utapau Was going to be the name for Tatooine (replaced by Ogana Major), then was the name for Naboo, and then ended up being a third completely different planet.
Utapau was originally in the "Kessil/Kissel System".
Wedge Antilles Not related to the other Antilleses.

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