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"Lucasian anagram" is a term we just made up, but we think it will catch on. Throughout the Star Wars films (especially the Prequel trilogy), there are characters whose names are pretty lazy anagrams of George Lucas' friends, the actors who portrayed them, or other members of the crew working on the movie. This is a subset of the technique of "Tuckerization" which also involves using the names of real people in your story as an in-joke, but the Lucasian anagram is differentiated by the lazy or haphazard way in which the names are applied.

For a list of hosts and guests that have found their way into Star Wars canon, see: Canonized Swimmers.

Notable examples include

  1. Osleo Prennert, the Rebel speed trap guy. His name is an anagram of crew member Lorne Peterson.
  2. Retwin, the iPad guy who checks out Vader's butt. The name "Retwin" is based on Decipher employee Jason Winter.
  3. Antidar Williams, whose name is an anagram of the ship he co-piloted (and perished aboard). Convenient.
  4. Coleman Trebor, anagram of Robert Coleman.
  5. Coleman Kcaj, named for Jack Coleman, Rob Coleman's son, but no relation of Coleman Trebor.
  6. Senator Grebleips, whose name is just "Spielberg" backwards.
  7. Mya, Yma, and Lela Mayn, the Nalle triplets. All three are anagrams of actress Amy Allen, who also played Aayla Secura.
  8. Cin Drallig, a random background Jedi whose name is based on swordmaster Nick Gillard.
  9. Saile Minnau, played by Nathan Hamill (whose middle name is 'Elias')
  10. Koo Millham, played by Nathan's sister Chelsea, whose last name is just 'Hamill' scrambled.

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