Jedi Minute 28: Malakili

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February 11th, 2015


As the Rancor moves in for the kill, Luke picks up a skull from the cave floor and hurls it at the panel.


John Skrzypek and Adam Santiago



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  • Starts with Luke noticing the door controls.
Ends with Luke being escorted out of the basement.
  • Also known as the saddest moment in the movie.


  • Luke may have had flashbacks to The Death Star door controls.
  • The door should be harder to open. How the doors actually work.
  • The big gate should have been closed.
  • Noticing door controls as a rare Jedi power.
  • Luke shooting every door control that he sees.
  • Did Luke use a Force throw to ensure that he hit the door control?
  • The door moves dangerously quickly. The doors on The Death Star are also very fast.
  • The dog-like rancor noise as it is killed by the door is very upsetting for any pet owners. Other noises that could have been used.
  • All of the patrons watching on take more double-takes at the rancor's death.
  • How long is the chain that Leia is attached to?
  • There are a few new humanoid characters shown in the minion reaction camera shot; they're wearing robes like almost every human in Star Wars.
  • Jedi find robes made out of Terrycloth to be very versatile.
  • Lando pushes a Yak Face out of the way as he runs off to get Han and Chewie for Jabba. The backstory of the Yak Face character and the rarity of this character's action figure.
  • A deleted scene in which Yak Face argues with another character and C-3PO translates both sides of the argument.


  • Played by Paul Brooke who was also in a Bond movie.
  • Paul Brooke has been in a lot of other movies as well.
  • Malakili's sobs were dubbed by Ernie Fosselius, the creator of Hardware Wars.
    • Fosselius co-wrote the song Lapti Nek and also voices other characters in Star Wars.
    • The Smokey Robinson song "Sobs of a Rancor Keeper".
  • Malakil's crying gives the movie some emotional depth.
  • Malakili trivia:
    • Is a slave owned by Jabba.
    • Is a former circus performer.
    • Was Jabba's animal handler.
    • Owned a gaffi stick which was given to him by some Native Tatooiners after he did a favor for them.
    • Opened a restaurant after leaving Jabba's Palace.
  • Possible Malakili spin-off ventures.
  • A comic book story by Chris Gugliotti about Malakili getting the rancor as a baby and raising him over the years. This results in them having a very close relationship. In the comic book the rancor just suffers a head injury from the door and survives.

Other Notes

  • The ages of the rancor and Malakili.
  • In a draft script Luke says that he didn't want to kill the rancor because it was only a small one.
  • Rancor reproduction
  • The floor of the rancor pit is sand. How this is managed to keep it clean.
  • Malakili was constantly picked on by Jabba.
  • Mentioned: Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome.
  • The Gamorrean guard being stuck inside the rancor.
  • Were the rancor keepers surprised when Luke opened the door and walked in on them?
  • We're in Jabba's Palace for the rest of the week.
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Meta Minute

  • 22:15 podcast episode length.


  • John: <In a Bronx accent> Yeh, your problem is your doors are too slow.
  • Adam: That's his long-con. Pete: Well, he is pretty long.


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