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Star Wars is known for the incredibly elaborate backstories for even the most minor of characters. Aliens in the background of the cantina, for example, which are seen on screen for only a moment have multi-page entries on Wookieepedia. However, some characters have managed to slip through the cracks and to this day lack a name that is official canon. Our hosts have done their part to fill in some of the gaps and have helpfully named a few of these unnamed characters. This list includes some characters that actually do have names, but were given new ones by the hosts or guests on the show. The page is named after the Unidentified Weequay Skiff Guard who perished at the Sarlacc pit, and to this day remains unnamed.

You may also be interested in characters that are named in canon sources, but have taken on a life of their own on the podcast: SWM Characters.

List of unidentified characters

Character SWM name Mentioned/appears
Unidentified Weequay guard Still unnamed ROTJ 32
Unidentified rebel Dressellian "Unidentified" is the name of all Prune Faces on the lowest rung of society ROTJ 49
Unidentified Imperial officer (Executor) Commander Fleckter ROTJ 119
Unidentified Imperial captain (asteroid victim) Captain Meteor ESB 53
Unidentified OOM command battle droid (Naboo) OOP5 (Oops) TPM 25
First Order officer that noted that they've taken out their turbolasers (not Mitaka) Petty Officer Turzer Lazbo
TFA 23
Unnamed Niima Outpost merchant with thick accent Nowatta (sp?)
TFA 27
Unidentified Abednedo (Jakku junk trader) Fyfor Rightaparty (sp?)
TFA 19
Unkar's thugs Danger Fire & Safety Ice
TFA 28
Every handmaiden Sharbé/Sorbet (Which episode?)
Starkiller technician Buttan Filoti TFA 115
Unidentified Human Jedi (C-3PO decapitation) Coleman Stawamin AOTC 113
The Rebel trooper who talks to C-3PO at the Ewok celebration Private Johnson ROTJ 123
Unidentified fleet trooper (UFT) Lieutenant Fraim Kopidiskk R1 124
Armitage Hux's First Order monitor Sergeant General Armitage Hux's First Order Monitor (of Clan Monitor) TLJ 4
Needa? Captain Scrapey
Note: this is official SWM-Canon
ESB 38
Tatooine Moisture farmer Peet N'Alex
Note: this is official SWM-Canon
(Which episode?)
Unidentified Anodyne pilot Blob Lightspeed TLJ 63
Unidentified Tatooine elder Hooryu Reyhu TROS 132

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