Phantom Menace Minute 11: Alien Race Face

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December 7th, 2015


Qui-Gon runs through the strange landscape, glancing back to see the monstrous troop transports, emerging from the mist. Animals begin to run past him in a panic.


Ben Acker and Ben Blacker



  • First time we watch a ship land on the ground
  • S.T.A.P.
  • Jar Jar first appears at the end of this minute


  • This is a prequel - why isn't it more old-timey (compared to the Original Trilogy, which is the space 70s, why isn't this the space 40s?)
  • Uncanny Valley of all-CGI scenes.
  • Racism in TPM
    • Nemoidians seem dubbed like in a kung fu film.
  • Referenced: Jurassic Park, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Darkman, Starship Troopers
  • Mentioned: the 8-DAY-GREEDO hotline, Matt Gourley.
  • Ahmed Best interview where he mentions that Michael Jackson wanted to be Jar Jar[1].
  • Jar Jar's dialogue is written out as it is performed.
  • Battle droids are automatons built for a purpose, but they have ranks.
    • How does that even work? Are they built to be certain ranks, or do they rise from private to general based on age?

Meta Minute

  • 23:21 podcast episode length.
  • The dinosaur from Jurassic Park that was referred to is actually a Brachiosaurus.
  • Pete's pronunciation of "STAAAP" becomes a bit of a running joke
  • Flash forward: Fode/Beed will be discussed in more detail when they/it appear(s) in Minute 56
  • The Harrison Ford quote they are referring to is: "George, you can type this [S-Wing], but you can't say it!"[2]
  • "Cassio" is the first name of General Tagge from Star Wars


  • Acker: (explaining where the racist accents came from) "You who know I hate working for: our boss. You know what would get him in a lot of hot water...there's no way he can come back from this."
  • Acker: (reading from his notes) "Jar Jar is pretty terrible."
  • Blacker: For such a well-thought out universe, it's not a well-thought out universe!
  • Blacker: My iPod, which is not an iPhone, it's like from 8-9 years ago, can hold so many songs, and it is leading the electronic army in my home.


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