Phantom Menace Minute 127: Ace Window

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It couldn't be more obvious that this is NOT Sam Jackson


It is not quite sunset. Yoda paces before Obi-Wan who is kneeling in the center of the room.


Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington



  • Return of Post-Senate gown
  • Irv Windu (a.k.a. Ace Window) appears.


  • Does Palpatine know Anakin is the chosen one?
  • Amidala reuses a dress.
  • Puppet Yoda is no more.
  • Mentioned: War Boys, Mr. Roper, Flash Gordon

Meta Minute

  • 22:10 podcast episode length.
  • Joe Dator brought up the fact that there is an obvious stand-in playing Mace Windu in Minute 87
  • F-A-B ("Find a boy") is reminiscent of the Fab Four, which is the wrong show.


  • Pete: Yoda huffing.
  • Pete: Can you give that a little more Yoda?
  • : Err, it's all around you... and in you... and... avoid evil I guess?


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