Phantom Menace Minute 130: Octopus Pants

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Boss Nass holds up the Globe of Peace. Everyone Cheers. The parade marches on.


Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington



  • Start of credits


  • Beef
  • Is Even Piell a young Yoda-type creature?
  • The differing producers of this and the original trilogy
  • Pete's plan: Tales from the Naboo stables
  • Mentioned: Dukes of Hazzard, Pirates of the Caribbean

Meta Minute

  • 20:46 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: Anakin's new Naboo do.
  • Dan: Going to the park, feeding the bird horses.
  • Tony Thaxton, quoted by Pete: 🎵"If you like Depa Billaba"🎵 (to the tune of "If you like Piña Coladas").
  • Pete: This is completely ridiculous, but then so's the rest of the movie.
  • Stuart: I gotta get on the Ewok train.


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