Phantom Menace Minute 15: Big Dudu

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December 11th, 2015.


Four guards armed with long electro-poles ride two-legged Kaadus into the square.


Sklar Bros



  • Starts with our heroes arriving in the Gungan city, and ends with them standing before Boss Nass.
  • The sound effect used for the Kaadu is a pig (slowed down) combined with a whale blowhole.
  • Captain Tarpals played by Steven Speirs.


  • Walking through the wall with no water making it in is cool.
    • Referenced: Saturday Night Fever, Taken.
  • The Gungans are speaking their own language. So why does Jar Jar have to speak Basic?
  • Kaadu look like they might be related to the Gungans.
  • Ring theory: minute 15 of ROTJ has Chewie and Boussh standing before Jabba.
  • Ahmed Best's non-Star Wars career.
  • The poke that Jar Jar receives with Tarpals' power pole is very gentle. They keep teasing that Jar Jar will be hurt, but never follow through.
  • Direct quote #3: Jar Jar's "How rude!" echoes Threepio on Bespin.

Meta Minute

  • 15:41 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from a (the?) "Johnny Flash" paraphrasing Seinfeld.
  • The native language of the Gungans is called "{{{2}}}".


  • Everybody except for Pete: <dueling Joe Pesci impressions>.


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