Phantom Menace Minute 16: Legs

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December 14th, 2015


A long circular judge's bench filled with Gungan Officials dominates the room.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts and ends pretty much in the same place: with Boss Nass conferring with the Jedi.
  • Boss Rugor Nass
  • Obi-Wan's "symbiont circle"
  • First time the Jedi mind trick is used (episode order).
  • " planet core".
  • The other council members
    • Rep Been
    • Rep Lyonie
    • Rep Slarm
    • Rep Teers'
    • Jar Jar is a former member of the council.


  • Pete's issues with this minute.
  • Boss Nass' accent and vocal tics.
  • Referenced: Animal House
  • How you would prepare Gungan meat, and what it would taste like.
    • Like frog legs? Fried and battered?
  • Boss Nass' personal history.
  • Mentioned: Ring theory.
  • Discussion of the "symbiotic relationship" between the Naboo and the Gungans.
  • Why don't the Jedi use the mind trick on the Gungans more? They seem to be weak-minded.
    • Qui-Gon thinks the Force is guiding him, and it couldn't go more badly for him.
    • How far could they have pushed them using the mind trick?
  • The rest of the Gungans don't react when Boss Nass says "planet core"
  • Jar Jar's father George R. Binks.
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Meta Minute

  • 21:28 podcast episode length.
  • This is the first time they've recorded Tony in person—normally it's over Skype.
  • This is Pete's least favorite minute of the movie.
    • Up to now he has been teasing that Jar Jar wasn't his biggest problem with TPM. Now we learn that Boss Nass is.
  • "Ancora" is "more" in Italian, whereas Boss Nass' race is "Ankura".
  • Unlike Orn Free Taa, who is just a fat Twi'lek, Boss Nass is actually a different race than his slimmer companions.
  • Gungans are amphibious, according to Wookieepedia.
  • First appearance of "Liverpudlian Obi-Wan"


  • Pete: Jar Jar is the Ayatollah
  • Pete: More Boss Nass please.


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