Phantom Menace Minute 18: Othello

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There's always a more Original Gangsta


December 16th, 2015


A strange little submarine propels itself away from the Otoh Gunga, leaving the glow of the settlement in the distance.


Tony Consiglio



  • The bongo is kinda neat.


  • Things we'd like to see: Nass! - A one-man show, a "Three Stooges-esque" comedy starring Jar Jar
  • Mentioned: The Music Man, Spoilers
  • More discussion of Gungan force fields/bubble membranes.
  • Alex's harrowing revelation.
    • If you could be in The Phantom Menace (say, if you were 8 when it came out), who would you be?
  • Shoutout to: Ryan Haupt
  • Ring theory: Minute 18 of ROTJ contains the Worrt with its ballistic tongue.
  • Referenced: The Swedish Chef (from the Muppets)

Meta Minute

  • Shakespeare will come up again in Minute 56.
  • The largest monotreme alive today is the Western long-beaked echidna, weighing in at up to 16.5 kg (36 lbs). The largest monotreme currently known to have ever lived is the extinct echidna Zaglossus hacketti. It probably weighed about 30 kg (66 lbs) and was 1 m long. So no, there is not always a bigger monotreme[1].


  • Pete: "No comebackie" Alex: "—unless you want to get pounded to death."
  • Alex: "What nerds are we?!"
  • Pete: "Jar Jar why were you banished?" (As Jar Jar without the accent) "You ever see Othello? It's kinda like that except I'm clumsy."
  • Alex: "Are you down with the OPC Killer?"
  • Pete: "There's always a bigger monotreme"


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