Phantom Menace Minute 23: OOM, Nute and Rune

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December 23rd, 2015


The sergeant marches the group out of the throne room.


Ralph Attanasia, PLUS: Extra bonus interview with Nathan Hamill.



  • Starts off with the battle droids taking the royal entourage off for processing, and ends with Qui-Gon saying they should leave the streets.
  • Fully half of this minute is just them walking calmly across the plaza, inter-cut with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon doing their "hallway sneaking".
  • Giant statues.


  • There is zero sense of threat during this invasion. It's super calm.
  • The droids are about as effective as cardboard cutouts.
    • Qui-Gon puts his lightsaber away while there are still armed droids left, and in the most potentially body-severing way possible.
  • Why is Jar Jar still here??
  • Never save the life of an alien that you wouldn't want following you around for eternity.
    • What alien would you want life-debted to you?
  • Barq's root beer.
  • Flash forward to the arena scene, where C-3PO is in pieces. The body horror of this scene gives Ralph the creeps.
  • The security droids are almost literally "redshirts"
  • Robot ethics.
  • Robots design makes it clear there are no humans inside. This allows the Jedi to cut them into pieces, which you couldn't really do if they were living creatures.
  • Droids are humanized in the "Clone Wars" TV series.
    • In this movie, the droids' intelligence is safe on the control ship, but in the TV show, they now have their consciousness trapped in their bodies, just like us.
  • The EU is lacking on the "Philosophers of Naboo", and on the Prequels in general.
    • What's the deal with humans in Star Wars? Are they more like Battlestar Galactica (where all humans are colonists from elsewhere), or is it more like Star Trek (where all aliens are related to humans and we all share a common ancestor).

Meta Minute

  • 38:21 (Ralph) 52:00 (total) podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Special bonus interview with Nathan Hamill after the regular show.
  • Alex is correct: Gungans are native and the Naboobians are colonists. However, there was a race of spacefaring humanoids that colonized (or possibly originated on) Naboo millennia before the current batch of Naboobians arrived. They are the ones who built the giant heads statues seen later in the movie.
  • The Universe is 13.8 billion years old1.
  • Apparently Gungans are amphibious.

Nathan Hamill

  • First guest that was an actual actor to appear in a Star Wars movie.
    • It's a long shot, so it's tough to see him, but he is there.
  • Filmed on the Bond stage outside of London in the summer of '97.
    • Pretty barebones set (lots of blue screen).
    • He could have been one of the extras in the swamp scene if he'd stayed an extra week. Then maybe he would have gotten an action figure.
    • He was a big Star Wars fan growing up (and still is) and he really pushed to get a walk-on role.
  • He was a toddler on the set of Return of the Jedi
  • His character was Rehtul Minnau, a law clerk.
    • Named for Luther from The Black Pearl (written by his father) and the Minnow, which is the ship from "Gilligan's Island" (chosen because of Luke's Gilligan-style hat from the cut scenes in Star Wars).
    • His character is not technically canon, but his character's sister is.
  • According to his father, Nathan's first word was "Kenner".
  • He came up with the name for Pol Treidum.


  • Ralph: ...I don't know if they're just GIVING out S.T.A.P. licenses, but I was behind this guy hovering 3 feet off the ground in a 'no hovering' lane'...I'm never driving in this city again, during an invasion of robots.
  • Pete: The 'menace' is so phantom.
  • Ralph: Bet Boss Nass sure would be happy to have this expensive submarine back. Why don't you bring that back to him? (in Jar Jar patois) I'm pretty sure hesa say you could have it (normal voice) ...Boss Nass is just lousy with submarines.
  • Alex: Somewhere, C-3PO is weeping.
  • Ralph: They [South Koreans] have heart AND Seoul.
  • Ralph: You can't have your good guy killing someone's spleen.
  • Ralph: If you're listening to this and you were born after Jurassic Park, get older!


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