Phantom Menace Minute 26: The Phil Collins Vampire Look

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Is this one of those "Find your classmates" things?


December 28th, 2015


The ship exits the hangar. Battle droids standing in the hangar shoot at them.


Matt Gourley



  • Starts with the Jedi finishing off the battle droids, ends with R2-D2 popping onto the surface of the ship.
  • First appearance of Ric Olié.
  • First appearance of R2-D2
  • Direct quote: Another "How Rude!"
    • We're now up to 4.
  • Funny droid legs standing by themselves.


  • Naboo starships
    • The ship in this movie doesn't have a name.
    • See also: What they named Death Star II.
    • So shiny, especially compared to the 'dirty aesthetic' of the Original Trilogy. Matt's opinion that the set design is too crisp in the Prequels.
      • Technology has advanced to the point where they can do a shiny spaceship in CG. Referenced: the T-1000 from Terminator 2.
    • It would be cool to see a Galactic Civil War-era Naboo starship.
  • Half of the freed pilots run back in the castle, and the others just climb on board the Naboo starship.

Ric Olié

  • "Captain Obvious". He only exists to shout out very obvious exposition.
    • Wookieepedia describes him as "very vocally observant."
    • Played by Ralph Brown.
    • His confused (but also intense) performance.
    • Pete reiterates that the character of Ric Olié should be combined with that of Captain Panaka.
    • His action figure was available before the movie, and a lot of people bought it before they realized how small his part in the movie was.
  • That widow's peak.

Other Notes

  • Cut storyline: tension and racism between the Naboo and the Gungans.
  • Another cut bit: Jar Jar causes an R5 unit to commit suicide.
  • R2 starts off as just a droid off the rack, and is plucked from obscurity.
  • Mentioned: Can you come back tomorrow?
    • Matt will be staying the night in Pete and Alex's hotel.
  • Support the Show!

Meta Minute

  • 30:13 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Mailman Ryan. He loves Ric Olié!
  • Matt is a returning champion.
  • This episode was recorded in the "Laurel and Hardy suite" at the Hollywood Express Inn North.
  • Matt does not end up getting the Naboo Diplomatic Barge minutes because it is within the first five minutes of the movie, when it is traditionally just the hosts.
  • Microphone colors, and what they say about the hosts.
  • We have yet to see a yellow or an orange lightsaber in on-screen canon.
  • "Trucker Speed" are tablets sold mostly at gas stations to help long-haul truckers stay alert. The active ingredient is ephedrine (which is in the same family as amphetamine, thus "speed"). In the US, ephedrine is a controlled substance, and now most gas stations only sell caffeine tablets marketed as trucker speed.
  • John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman was an American pioneer and the subject of folklore. He is famous for introducing apples to much of the eastern United States and southern Canada[1].
  • In Alien 3, Francis "85" Aaron is in fact a prison guard.
  • The scene with Sio Bibble blue-screened in later comes from Attack of the Clones.


  • Pete: "Oh, there's a missile."
  • Pete: Teetering between toys and evil.
  • Pete: Later Sean Connery was always on the trucker speed.
  • Alex: Do some kind of space accent.
  • Pete: "Prequel patois."
  • Matt: <Nemoidian accent>
  • Pete: (Paraphrasing Dr. Jones, Sr.) I should have mailed this to The Sklar Brothers.


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