Phantom Menace Minute 29: Made You Look

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"Droid Wipes" may not be a real product, but "Dude Wipes" actually are



December 31st, 2015


Amidala and exchange looks. Padmé moves next to the droid.


Matt Gourley



  • Starts with Rune Haako saying "we should not have made this bargain", ends with Jar Jar saying "Heddo!"
  • "Rune wipe"
  • Sabé is posing as the queen.


  • Memories of old computers.
  • Times that Natalie Portman didn't want to be on set, so she got Keira Knightley fill in for her.
  • Somebody needs to write "The Handmaiden's Tale".
  • Creepy fan sites.
  • "Amidala" makes Padmé clean up the droid.
  • It's funny that they bring R2 to meet the queen. Minutes ago he was just a disposable tool, but now he's worthy of commendation.
  • Referring to R2 as "it". When do they start referring to R2 as "he"?
  • How did he get so dirty? Carbon scoring?
  • Ewan McGregor is the only one who is trying and succeeding in this movie (as opposed to Natalie Portman, for example.)
    • Mentioned: Too old.
    • Potential for more Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan prequels to come.
    • Mentioned: Amidala's regal affect.
 Matt's Phantom Menace memories
  Saw it six times in the theaters.
  He had a commercial audition right after the first time he saw it, so he was worried he'd be late for the entire final half hour.
  Later, when he went to play handball with his friends, they were all despondent.
  • Star Wars-themed home improvement.
    • Coming soon from
  • Jar Jar's Made you look moment.
  • Jar Jar in Star Wars TV.
    • Matt can't get into animated Star Wars TV shows.
    • Jar Jar works better when everything is an animated kids' show.

Meta Minute

  • 19:08 podcast episode length.
  • Ad-read:
    • Alex got a page-a-day calendar.
  • Gourley plugs a new podcast every day this week.
  • Natalie Portman did not dub all of Keira Knightley's lines. Compare Portman's trailer line to Knightley's more authentically English I will not cooperate[1].
  • Artoo is referred to as "he" in the script notes for Star Wars when he is boarding the escape pod. The first time he is mentioned as a "he" during the dialog is when C-3PO suggests to Luke that they buy Artoo from the Jawas.


  • Matt: (as the Kersh) I'm drinking out of the bowl, and it's "beeyooteeful"! Alex:. It's not "swam-py"? Matt: It's "bal-my" and "swam-py".
  • Pete: I dunno. The Queen's talking to a VCR in the other room...
  • Pete: It may explode on you.


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