Phantom Menace Minute 31: Tailorbots

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January 4th, 2016


They start their trek across the desert toward the city of Mos Espa.


Matt Belknap



  • Starts with Qui-Gon putting on his desert tunic, and ends with the gang arriving in Mos Espa.


  • Matt loved The Phantom Menace when he saw it in theaters.
  • Continued conversation from last week: Where did Qui-Gon get that poncho?
    • Star Wars plays fast and loose with people's outfits.
    • Maybe the ship comes equipped with every possible costume.
    • OR maybe they have tailorbots to make all their cloths.
  • Ewan McGregor was the most excited cast member, and he gets left on the ship.
    • They didn't even invite him to the podrace.
    • Things we'd like to see: an Odd Couple sitcom with Panaka and Obi-Wan
  • Original outline: We weren't supposed to meet Qui-Gon until we get to Coruscant.
  • Why bring Jar Jar/R2 along? Shouldn't R2 be fixing the ship?
    • Jar Jar as the marquee CG character.
    • As comic relief (there's a lot of heavy scenes coming up)
    • Cut dialogue: Jar Jar needs to go because he'll "make things less obvious".
  • The quality of the masks and other practical effects in the Original Trilogy vs. this movie.
  • Are we supposed to be in on the Amidala ruse? What was the filmmakers' intent, and did they succeed?
    • Star Wars often plays with dual identities.
      • Referenced: Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales.

Meta Minute

  • 18:59 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Thomas in Maryland. He's finally caught up on the show. He remembers seeing the movie while stationed aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt in the Mediterranean.
  • The ship we see flying overhead at the end of this minute is a Gozanti-class cruiser.
    • This class of ship will have a much greater role in an episode of The Mandalorian.



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