Phantom Menace Minute 34: The Old Mill

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January 7th, 2016


Anakin looks at Padmé defiantly.


Matt Belknap



  • Starts with Anakin telling Padmé his life story, and ends with Qui-Gon telling Watto what's in his wallet.
  • First time we hear Anakin's name (episode number order, the first time we hear it in chronological order is during Jedi).
  • First time (again, in episode order) that we hear "the Hutt" applied to someone, and it's the first time in the movies we hear this applied to somebody (Gardulla) other than Jabba.
  • Pit droid and Jar Jar physical comedy.
  • The pod from 2001: a Space Odyssey returns. It was last seen in minute 44 of Star Wars.


  • How much did Luke "know" about his father?
  • Also, why doesn't Uncle Owen recognize C-3PO, the droid that lived with him for years?
  • C-3PO's memory was erased, so maybe Owen's was too?
    • The real reason is that Lucas didn't know this would be the case when he filmed Star Wars.
  • Pit droid discussion
    • They are like proto-Transformers.
  • The two droids from yesterday.
Droid classification
  • The journey of C-3PO's "skin".
  • Referenced: the children's show "Daktari (1966-1969)".
 Matt knows a lot about special effects because he worked for Doug Trumbull in Western Massachusetts in an old mill.
 They were building the "Back to the Future" bigatures for the ride. Matt swept the floors.
  Shoutout to Back to the Future Minute.
 Other models that Trumbull worked on were just sitting on shelves.
 He saw Steven Spielberg there one time.

Meta Minute

  • 32:26 podcast episode length.
  • "Daktari" is Swahili for "doctor."
  • "Tataouine" is a city in southern Tunisia.
  • Once Wald buys the junkyard from Watto, he renames it "Wald's Parts".
  • For those not in the podcasting biz, "lav" is short for lavalier microphone.


  • Matt: (in gruff Uncle Owen voice) Gah, you're so chatty. You remind me of this guy I used to know. "C-3PO", ever heard of him?
  • Alex: The Queen should have been like "Quiet, slave!"
  • Matt: He's a good kid. So he killed some Sand People. Alex: Who hasn't?


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