Phantom Menace Minute 37: Nothing Is Going On

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Gotta make them Wupiupis


January 12th, 2016


Jar Jar opens his mouth in surprise, and the frog snaps away, ricochets around the market, and lands in Sebulba's soup, splashing him.


Paul Scheer



  • Starts with Jar Jar tonguing some food, and ends with Anakin explaining about Dugs.
  • Gragra
    • She is a Swokes Swokes (her species) and works as a Gorgmonger (gorgs are the amphibians she sells).
    • She never does get paid for the Gorg that Jar Jar tried to steal.
  • We meet Sebulba.


  • To Paul, this scene encapsulates everything that is wrong with this movie.
    • This isn't a very intimidating way to introduce Sebulba.
  • Referenced: The Three Stooges
  • Much like Bruce Willis doesn't understand why people like "Die Hard", George Lucas doesn't understand why people love Star Wars.
  • The extras in this movie are bad—they have nothing to react to since most of the backgrounds and characters around them are entirely CG.
    • The reason it looks like nothing is going on is that nothing is going on.
  • What racist accent would they have given Sebulba if he spoke English?
    • Southern US?
    • The actor who voiced him is Scottish.

Meta Minute


  • Paul: UGGH to this scene.


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