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January 19th, 2016


Jar Jar attempts to snare another bit of food from the bowl with his tongue, but Qui-Gon, in a flash, grabs it between his thumb and forefinger.


Dan Telfer



  • Starts with the dinner conversation about exploding slaves; ends with Anakin saying that no one can kill a Jedi.
  • Another direct quote: (3rd) "How wude [rude]".
    • We're up to 8.


  • Dan has issues with the dialog.
  • Anakin is very jaded about the fact that he has a bomb in his body.
  • Jar Jar says "excuse me" after doing the tongue thing. Why, specifically?
    • Nobody reacts.
    • They leave room for the audience to laugh here.
  • Jar Jar is here to keep the kids entertained during the talky scenes.
    • C-3PO, by contrast, shuts down when Ben and Luke are talking about the Force.
  • Padmé is just playing with her food. Was this an acting choice or is the actress just bored?
  • Dan believes that Jar Jar represents what George Lucas must have been like as a child.
    • Like a kid with a joke book at his parents' dinner party.
  • Qui-Gon says Anakin must have Jedi reflexes, then demonstrates Jedi reflexes by catching the tongue.
  • Ham-fisted foreshadowing.
    • Anakin's weird compliment to the Jedi in his house.

Meta Minute

  • 23:32 podcast episode length.
  • Dan is part of a run of L.A.-based guests.
  • Another important usage of the word "human" is in "human-cyborg relations".


  • Dan: Thank goodness I just happened to be wandering around the neighborhood. Pete: I know traffic is weird around here.



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