Phantom Menace Minute 43: That Whole Moolah Thing

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January 20th, 2016.


Qui-Gon looks to Shmi. She is upset.


Dan Telfer



  • Starts with Qui-Gon telling us his wish, and ends with him saying that greed can be a powerful ally.
  • Jar Jar is surprisingly muted in this scene.


  • CGI of the T. rex in Jurassic Park (1993) holds up better than Jar Jar 6 years later.
  • How do they know that Tatooine is run by junk dealers? They only met one.
    • We'd like to see a montage of the gang being turned down at other junk dealers.
    • "Junk dealer" is one of the handful of occupations in Star Wars.
  • Qui-Gon could (should) have done what Obi-Wan did in Star Wars and hired a transport.
  • Qui-Gon makes it clear they are NOT here to free the slaves.
  • Anakin's premonition that he comes back to free the slaves is the only one that doesn't come true; it's never brought up again.
    • Referenced: "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".
  • We want to see more from Shmi. Either she should be more spunky (Leia-esque) OR she should overcompensate and be a housewife archetype.
  • What is the plural of "Jedi"?
  • Coincidence? or Ring theory?
    • If Pete were tasked with re-creating an old success, he might copy some of the beats.
    • In the early 90s, Lucas had no intention of continuing the saga.
    • Maybe he took notes, but then didn't look at them for many years and forgot what they meant. Like when you write down your dream and read it later.
  • Qui-Gon has no reaction to Anakin being able to podrace or dominating his mother.
  • Replacing "greed" with "Greedo": "Greedo can be a powerful ally."

Meta Minute

  • 22:21 podcast episode length.
  • A call in to 8-DAY-GREEDO complaining that the minutes covered this week (41-45) are the worst in the movie.
  • The term "moolah" as slang for money has its origins in American English, circa 1905–1910. It should not be confused with the unrelated word "mullah" which is an Islamic cleric.


  • Pete ...Dan is broken down and he's weeping. Dan: <fake sobbing> I just want to say "I love Star Wars so much."
  • Dan: George Lucas [was] like, "What if I have a brightly lit brain-damaged salamander in every scene that is just waiving back and forth like a flag in a windstorm?"


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