Phantom Menace Minute 48: Kitster and Wald

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January 27st, 2016


Kitster (a young boy about Anakin”s age), Seek (a boy of ten), Amee (a girl of six), and Wald (a Greedo Type, six years old) join Anakin, Jar Jar, Artoo, and Padmé securing some wiring.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with Qui-Gon describing Anakin's Jedi traits.
  • Debut of Kitster and Wald.
  • The rest of the 'Anakin gang'
    • Kitster Chanchani Banai played by Dhruv Chanchani.
  • Fully CG scene.


  • Qui-Gon's salesman routine.
    • Whatever Shmi said, Qui-Gon would have attributed it as a Jedi trait.
  • Pete attempts to explain the virgin conception without invoking the Force.
  • Change from shooting script to final cut: "There was no father...that I know of."
  • Listener project: Create an animation of Jar Jar carrying an armful of sunglasses, and then have him trip and have one pair land on Shmi's face as she delivers the above line.
  • Reminder, up until quite late into the process Anakin was older (around 12).
    • Qui-Gon's excuse for not training him was that he was too old.
      • This time it does not count as a direct quote.
    • "Organic plug" for
  • Anakin's origins (according to the former EU).
    • Darths Sidious and Plagueis didn't know (and still don't at this point in the story) that the Force had created Anakin. Sort of like when you flip a switch that seems to do nothing, but it turns off the lights in another room.
  • Do we like the virgin birth angle?
    • It's heavy-handed
    • It might make more sense to have Anakin's father have been killed or run off when Anakin was young.
  • There are only four kids in the script, but on screen there are five.
  • Referenced: Scut Farkus from Seinfeld.
  • Many years from now, Han and Leia visit Tatooine and meet all of Anakin's old friends[1].
  • Referenced: the Greedo deleted scene, "Coming Up" by Paul McCartney (Wrong show).
    • Why did they cut this? Not that we're complaining.
  • Mentioned: From a certain point of view.
  • Shmi seems awfully open about there not being any father. Has Shmi told anyone else? What story did she use?

Meta Minute

  • 20:42 podcast episode length.
  • Ad-read:
  • Tony plugs his podcast U Two Talkin' U2 2 Me Too? Yes. about another podcast: U Talkin' U2 To Me?.
  • For a list of mythological virgin births, see Wikipedia:Miraculous_births, and for an article on real biological "virgin birth" see Wikipedia:Parthenogenesis.
  • The guys were correct, Yoda was accusing Luke of being reckless, and Obi-Wan reminds him that he was too.


  • Tony: You think Shmi is full of schmidt?
  • Alex: (hungrily) Mmmmm. "Shmi on a stick".
  • Pete: Words I have not.
  • Tony: CG-PO?
  • Alex: That's it for Shmi. "Shmi" ya later.


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