Phantom Menace Minute 56: Shakespeare

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February 8th, 2016


On the left side of the tracks across from the grandstands, a line of Podracers emerges from the large hangar, surrounded by several crew members.


Paul Rust



  • Introduction of Podracers:
    • Ben Quadinaros.
    • Gasgano.
    • Teemto Pagalies.
    • Boles Roor (announced but not even seen).
    • Sebulba applause shot.
    • Mawhonic.
  • Ben-Hur-style establishing shot.
    • Would be a drone shot if filmed today.
  • Introduction of alien announcer(s?): Fode and Beed


  • Discussion of Gran hands.
    • Ree-Yees's stub hands (from Return of the Jedi).
  • Mentioned: You can cut that out, I Was There Too (podcast), Cyrano de Bergerac, Star Wars Episode I racer game, Roger Hargreaves and The Little Miss Sunshine books, The Swedish Chef (Muppet).
  • Discussion of Podrace as something akin to our universe.
    • Compared to cantina (but not favorably).
  • Siamese twins.
  • Obsolete technologies.
    • Bad CGI.
    • Betamax.
      • Tapes were available until as recently as March, 20161
    • VHS

Meta Minute

  • 36:23 podcast episode length.
  • Although there are an awful lot of coffee shops, Seattle is not nearly as rainy as people assume.
  • To read Star Wars as Shakespeare might actually have written it, check out William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy, written by former guest of the show Ian Doescher.
  • The "Skull Zombie Astronaut" is named Rum Sleg. He is (of course) a bounty hunter. Apparently the skull is not his real face, just part of the helmet, so we don't really know what he looked like. Believe it or not, he has an action figure.


  • Pete: So it's a Theedy neighborhood.
  • Pete: ...always Gran-handing around.
  • Alex (As Sidious) Everyone gets probes. Probes, probes!
  • Pete: <dramatically> I know what farted on Jar Jar.
  • Alex: Brought to you by: Hutts!
  • Paul: The Bard? Has the Bard stepped in the room?
  • Pete: How many stomachs do ya got?
  • Crotchety Grandpa Alex: Back in our day, we were amused by pipes! That was enough to keep us entertained. We didn't need computer generated octopuses driving cars!


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