Phantom Menace Minute 57: The Fart Itself

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February 9th, 2016


Pods are pulled by a wide variety of creatures and are led by aliens carrying flags.


Paul Rust



  • You guessed it - Jar Jar gets farted on by an eopie.
  • Mawhonic's mascot hole (the eye hole in the suit) is clearly visible
  • More Podracers introduced
    • Clegg Holdfast
    • Dud Bolt (another puppet racer)
      • His pod is a Vulptereen 327
    • Ody Mandrell
  • First (episode order) Hammerhead (Ithorian)
  • Cool flag bearers


  • How many wardrobe malfunctions are there in the movies?
  • Referenced: Don Pardo, the card trader app (frequently mentioned on SWM:WE)
  • Brief discussion of aliens in the crowd
  • Comedy vs. drama
  • Why no flags in the original trilogy?
  • Mentioned: Gary Kurtz

Meta Minute

  • 29:37 podcast episode length.
  • Many of the Racers' flags appear at Maz's castle in TFA


  • Paul: The Plo Koons are shown the door.
  • Alex: You think the Hutt child protective services are gonna come down and say "That child should be in a mine somewhere, not racing a pod."


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