Phantom Menace Minute 63: Placebo

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Forgive me Father, for I have shot first


February 17th, 2016


Artoo, down in the pits with Kitster, lets out a worried sigh.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Ben Quadinaros is still trying to start his pod (which subsequently explodes) despite being lapped
  • Natalie Portman's (or her stand-in?) wooden reading of the line "Look. Here he comes." is dubbed
    • ADR = "automated" or "additional" dialogue replacement or recording, not to be confused with dubbing.


  • Another stab at trying to come up with a name for the fans.
    • Star Wars Minutaurs?
  • The guys discuss the film career of David Schwimmer at some length
  • Pit droids could have been the Minions of late 1999-early 2000s
  • Mentioned: SEBULBA!!, Ben Burtt and sound design, Don't talk about the toys, The Force doesn't exist .
  • Alex reveals that he is racist against "Greedos".
  • Asterios challenges Alex and Pete to a "Who can name the most Rodians?" contest.
Pete Alex
1 Doda Bodonawieedo Wald
2 Bludlow/Ludlow Greedo
3 Beedo Greeata
4 Greedo the Elder Greedo Sarducci*
*Alex wins
  • Greedo the Elder vs. Greedo the Younger.
  • Asterios goes off on Watto and Toydarians.
  • The Force = Placebo effect?.

Meta Minute

  • 34:21 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Reed in Nashville in response to previous calls from Andrew in L.A. (see minutes 5861). His daughter was born on Boonta Eve, so he was legally required to name her Boonta The Hutt.
  • Alex will compliment Mr. Burtt for the next several minutes on his sound work (perhaps to highlight the fact that he is already tired of talking about the podrace) and this turns into a bit of a running gag.
  • Alex could not confirm that the Flop House crew would be on later. Stuart and Dan ended up making it in at the last minute but not Elliott.
  • The creatures that Jabba flicks off the balcony are dwarf Nunas. They are his pets/food and (because everything in the Star Wars galaxy is interconnected) they are native to Naboo. This is different from the frog he was eating earlier.


  • Alex: The name's Glob. C.G.I. Glob.
  • Asterios: You can't call every Asian guy Jackie Chan! Alex: I could... Asterios: ... But I would hope that you wouldn't!
  • Asterios: I like those pit droids and their capering.


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