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February 22nd, 2016
February 22nd, 2016

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February 22nd, 2016


Anakin finally catches up with Sebulba, and runs neck and neck over the rough terrain.


Jenny Jaffe



  • Teemto Pagalies survives this crash
    • With only his ears being completely burned off
  • Groaner line "I don't care what universe you're from; that's gotta hurt!" heard


  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Boonta T. Hutt in College Station, TX
  • Yet another call for the "West Wing" of Star Wars
  • The "great sound design" gag continues (see minutes 62 to 66 of TPM)
  • Callback to Pete's trusty Betamax collection
  • Native Tatooiners are supposed to be worse shots than stormtroopers, yet they bullseye Pagalies' pod
  • Interdimensional/interuniversal travel in Star Wars?
  • Shmi's original name
  • Mentioned: Don't call them sand people

Meta Minute

  • 21:26 podcast episode length.
  • A bit that could have been cut out was not cut out


  • Jenny: Qualify "like."



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