Phantom Menace Minute 78: Hors D'oeuvres of the Sith

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March 9th, 2016


The ramp closes, and the Naboo craft rockets away, leaving the Sith Lord standing alone.


Keith Phipps



  • Interesting shot: lightsaber duel from far away
    • Callback to The Empire Strikes Back?
  • Panaka steps on Ric Olié's exposition
  • Force Jump onto the ship
  • Anakin meets Obi-Wan (should be a chilling moment, but isn't)
  • Applause break


  • How weird would it be to have a random boy tell you to suddenly take off
  • Mentioned: The Assassin
  • Callback to cut Treadwell scene from Star Wars
  • Extreme brevity of the lightsaber duel
  • The shiny newness of the ships in this movie (in contrast with the Original Trilogy)
  • Referenced: What If
  • Callback to yesterday and discussion of 'Obi-Wan only' draft
    • A whole different suite of Force powers
  • Discussion of Ewan McGregor nude roles
  • Why did they leave instead of trying to finish off Darth Maul?
  • Easy historical irony in film
  • Issues with the Prequels: Anakin's journey from innocent boy to Lord of The Sith

Meta Minute

  • 30:35 podcast episode length.
  • Although the B-19 was a real plane, only one was ever built1. Alex may have been referring to the more common B-17 or B-29 bombers, both of which had rotating gun turrets.


  • "I'd say at most it's like a shrimp on a plate - it's not even really an 'appetizer' appetizer." - Alex
  • "Where's that guy with the lightsaber battles? That was so delicious but it's nothing." - Alex
  • "Jar Jarringly different" - Pete
  • "Pete is Legends now." - Keith
  • "Ewan, baby, we got some bad news." - Alex


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