Phantom Menace Minute 83: Loverboy

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March 16th, 2016


Anakin and Jar Jar join the Queen, Palpatine, Padmé, Rabé and Eirtaé in the taxi.


Chris Radtke



  • Starts With Anakin looking back (something his mother told him not to do).
  • Ends With Sheev saying that The Republic is not what it once was.
  • Rayno Vaca the Tarnab cab driver.
  • New Padmé outfit: Coruscant apartment robe.
    • Flash forward: the new queen of Naboo will wear the headress from this outfit to Padmé's funeral (Spoilers!)


  • Pete paraphrases Palpatine's line all the time, whenever anything has gone downhill.
  • What does it smell like? Anakin: Bantha poodoo, dust and sand, Watto (and he doesn't change his clothes until the very end of the movie).
  • Why Does Anakin go with the politicians, instead of with the Jedi who brought him there?
    • Qui-Guy used the mind trick on Sorbet to get her to take Jar Jar And Anakin with them (to get rid of them).
  • Why is Jar Jar even still hanging around?
  • Mentioned: Brazil (1985).
  • Chris blames producer Rick McCallum for the shortcomings of the Prequels because he was a yes-man and didn't stand up to George.
  • Jar Jar's "Pitty hot" line and what it's referring to.
  • We'd like to see a "500 Republica" soap opera or political drama.
    • Mentioned: Anlee Teem.
    • Referenced: Rosie the maidbot from "The Jetsons".

Meta Minute

  • 26:21 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from a B'omarr monk in California. The Order of the B'omarr does not recognize the divinity of ANY Hutt, and does not observe Boonta Eve.
  • Jamillia was queen of Naboo prior to and leading up to the Clone Wars. She was succeeded by Queen Neeyutnee during the war, and then by Queen Apailana, who was the one who attended Padmé's funeral.
  • "Vaca" is cow in Spanish.


  • Pete and Alex: Up top! *spontaneous high five*
  • Chris: We don't have any garbage monster senators. Alex: Oh, don't we? Chris: Oh! Politics!


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