Phantom Menace Minute 85: The Anti-Bounty Hunter Scene

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March 18th, 2016


Qui-Gon stands in a tall stately room. Twelve Jedi sit in a semi-circle.


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with the Queen saying they must do something quickly. Ends with Yoda asking Qui-guy if more to say, has he?
  • 12 Jedi on the council.
  1. Plo Koon the Keldorian
  2. Mace Windu, human, from Haruun Kal
  3. Yoda
  4. Ki-Adi-Mundi the Cerean
    1. Played by Silas Carson
  5. Saesee Tiin the Iktotchi
  6. The ever controversial Yaddle
  7. Even Piell the Lannik - Game of Thrones reference?
  8. Oppo Rancisis the Thisspiasian
  9. Adi Gallia
  10. Yarael Poof - everybody's favorite (except, of course, for Radtke).
  11. Eeth Koth
  12. Depa Billaba
    1. Master to Kanan Jarrus from "Rebels".


  • This is Chris' least favorite scene in the movie. It is the antithesis to famous the bounty hunter scene.
  • Referenced: The Star Trek Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror" and the trope of the mirror universe.
  • The chairs in the council chambers.
  • Radtke describes what he would have rather seen here.
  • Referenced: Ray Liotta's character (Henry Hill) from Goodfellas.
  • The Jedi Council.
    • 5 permanent members, 4 long-term members, and 3 limited-term members.
    • Original outline had only 3 members total.
    • In Chris' opinion, Yaddle ruins the mystery of Yoda.
      • What is their relationship?
    • Many of the council members look like Star Trek aliens.
  • Referenced: Richard Nixon's head.
  • The puppet Yoda vs. CGI.
    • He doesn't get any kind of applause shot or grand entrance.
  • Spoilers: Nearly all the Jedi die.
  • Yarael Poof facts.
    • Digitally erased in Attack of the Clones.

Meta Minute

  • 49:10 podcast episode length.
  • A Harry Potter minute debuted on Movies by Minutes in November, 2016. It is part of the Dueling Genre network of podcasts.
  • Alex has admitted to having a fascination with Nixon.
  • Pete traveled to Tikal, Guatemala, where Yavin 4 scenes filmed.
  • Saesee Tiin was killed by Palpatine when he (along with Mace and co.) tried to arrest the Supreme Chancellor.
  • That thing on Adi Gallia's head is supposed to be part of her head, but it really does look like a hat.


  • There has been some confusion in the Expanded Universe about Zabraks, Iridonians, and "Iridorians". Canon sources have concluded that "Iridorian" is a typo, and "Iridonian" and "Zabrak" are two names for the same species. The proper name of this species is the Zabrak, but they are referred to as Iridonians if they were born on the planet Iridonia (homeworld of the Iridonian Zabraks). Zabraks born on Dathomir (Darth Maul's homeworld) were called Nightbrothers.
    • Agen Kolar, Eeth Koth, and Darth Maul are all Zabraks, but of these, Eeth Koth is the only Iridonian Zabrak.
    • Confusingly, "Iridonian" is also the name of a completely different species in the Knights of the Old Republic video game, but they wear full spacesuits, so we don't know what they look like.


  • Pete: (singing) Gollum by moonlight.
  • Alex: (singing, à la the theme song from "Maude") And then there's Yaddle.
  • Pete: Put a cactus on your head, lady, and go sit over there. Next to the snake man.


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