Phantom Menace Minute 86: By-laws

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March 21st, 2016


The Jedi all look to one another. They nod and turn back to Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.


Joe Dator



  • Starts with Qui-Gon telling the council he has encountered a "vergence" in the Force; ends with Mace telling him to bring the boy before them.
  • A lot of knowing glances between Jedi.


  • Joe is here to rekindle the Phantom Menaissance.
    • Is the film a "first day of film school" mistake, or a work of "outsider art" genius?
    • Referenced: Wesley Willis (famous for Outsider music)
    • The Phantom Menace isn't a good movie, but it's bad in good ways. Joe says that Chris Radtke is wrong; the guys aren't making a huge mistake.
  • Yarael Poof's mediation show.
  • "Vergence" is a real word, but the Jedi are not using it correctly.
  • Everybody seems openly hostile to Qui-Gon, but then we later learn he has defied them before.
    • Maybe he's "found the chosen one" before. Maybe he does this every week.
  • There are other Jedi councils across the galaxy (the on Coruscant is the High Council). These other councils are like franchises.
  • Yarael Poof is very "Star Wars".
  • The prophesy that the chosen one will "bring balance" to the Force.
    • What is it, and what does "balance" mean? Was it fulfilled, and when?
      • George Lucas says the Prophecy was true, but that the Jedi have misinterpreted it.
      • In the same interview, he mentions the rule that there can only be two Sith. The hosts discuss the Rule of Two.
      • Is balance in the Force a good thing? Was Qui-Gon right to train Anakin?
  • Referenced: The Saturday Night Live "Family Feud" sketch where Dan Akroyd plays a conehead.
    • Other actors from SNL to crossover with Star Wars.
  • Mentioned: That's what Shmi said.
  • Listener Projects: Add the Ghostbusters theme to the background of this scene, Create a GIF of Yarael Poof swaying his head back and forth (completed), edit the video so it does a slow zoom into Yarael Poof and have the audio fade out.
  • Referenced: Azrael the Cat from the Smurfs.
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Meta Minute

  • 33:10 podcast episode length.
  • Call to 8-DAY-GREEDO: "Moon River" but with Ric Olié-themed lyrics, performed in honor of Chris Radtke.
  • Joe is honored to be in the same chair as former guests of the show Matt Gourley and Paul Scheer.
  • Both Mace Windu and Yoda were, at one time or another, the elected "Master of the Order". Windu stepped down as Master of the Order after the Battle of Geonosis to focus on conducting the Clone War.
  • US supreme court justice Clarence Thomas is known for listening silently rather than questioning or authoring opinions[1].
  • This is the first episode where Joe apologizes to Pete for bringing up the Original Trilogy.
  • The droids cross the blockade runner hallway in minute 5 of Star Wars.
  • The Yarael Poof puppet was operated by make-up artist and special effects engineer Michelle Taylor.
  • Eeth Koth and Darth Maul are the same species, but different races, sort of like how Jar Jar and Boss Nass are both Gungans (see yesterday's minute).


  • Joe: I maintain a "firm position", ladies.
  • Alex: (à la Arnold Jackson from "Diff'rent Strokes") Wait, what are you talking about? Willis?
  • Pete: We're going to eighty-six The Phantom Menace.
  • Alex: Maybe he [Yarael Poof] is like a turtle or E.T. where when he goes into combat he can like hunch his neck down... Pete: You know, the way turtles or E.T. go into combat. Joe: If you've never seen turtle combat, it is brutal. Pete: TURTLE COMBAT!!
  • Joe: (as Palpatine) Unlimited...POWER! Alex: Save it.
  • Joe: She couldn't have been looking at her phone because her phone was on the wall of her house.
  • Alex: Speaking of bowels...
  • Alex: Reliable source: George Lucas.
  • Joe: They all "begat" each other. Pete: Old Testament "poofing".


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