Phantom Menace Minute 92: Defer to the Puppet

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March 29th, 2016


Queen Amidala is standing, staring out the window, with JAR JAR. The lights of the city shimmer before them.


Ben Szmidt



  • Starts with a shot of Yoda staring (not at a French horn).
  • Ends with Panaka happily saying that Bail Antilles has been nominated.
  • New outfit: post-senate gown. 6th costume for Queen Amidala.


  • Ben is glad to have a minute with Yoda. He is a huge fan of puppet Yoda.
  • The sun is setting (both in the sky and on the Republic). Was this intentional on the part of George Lucas?
  • Comparisons with Aaron Sorkin (including walk-and-talks).
  • What is Padmé feeling in this scene?
  • Jar Jar's trailer line.
    • Referenced: the South Park movie.
  • Is the fact that the Gungans have a grand army the reason that the Naboo don't like them? If not what is the real reason?
    • Naboo planetary history.
    • Is this the first time Amidala has heard about the Gungan army? She doesn't react at all.
  • Amidala's lip makeup never took off as a fashion in the real world.
    • The padawan braid sold way better.
 Ben's Phantom Menace memories.
  He saw it in New Jersey.
  He was ten when it came out, and liked it. It took about a year for him to realize that it was not as good as the Original Trilogy.
  He saw it two times in the theaters, but watched it often on VHS and DVD.

Bail Antilles

  • More subtle reference.
  • Originally was supposed to be Bail Organa. The actor (Adrian Dunbar) who was originally cast to play Bail Organa took the role because he was interested in being in the other movies as well.
    • But then Earth Jimmy Smits was interested and they changed the character to a different Bail after the scenes were filmed.
    • Referenced: Billy Dee Williams in Batman.
  • Three characters with the surname of Antilles (Bail, Wedge, and Captain Raymus). None are related.
    • BUT Bail Antilles is related to Bail Organa by marriage.
    • 'Mace' and 'Antilles' are Lucas' go-to names. How come there hasn't been a 'Mace Antilles' yet?
  • He is the Constable Zuvio of TPM.
  • Dunbar is Irish, and Lucas surprised him by asking him to do an American accent, which he was not prepared for.
    • His friend Liam Neeson was there and gave him a hard time over the quality of the accent.

Other Notes

  • Ring theory: This minute consists of Jar Jar trying to console the Queen. Minute 92 of Star Wars is Leia comforting Luke at the chess table, and minute 92 of Empire is Leia and Chewie comforting Han in the torture gazebo.
  • Thanks to and from Ben for the show. This is Ben's favorite podcast.
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 23:52 podcast episode length.
  • The building is 500 Republica.


  • Alex: It's a minute of consolation.


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