Phantom Menace Minute 93: President Three-Eyed Goat-Man

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March 30th, 2016


Amidala and her retinue exit the room.





  • Starts with Panaka informing us that Ainlee Teem from Malastare was also nominated. Ends with Amidala sullenly saying that the Republic no longer functions.


  • Peteloaf (Pete) is also in retail. We have two "Pete the Retailers".
  • Anlee Teem is deep-cut character that is inexplicably Pete's favorite.
    • He would love to have President Three-eyed goat man.
  • Gran have three different occupations. Not everybody is a bounty hunter.
  • Sheev can barely contain his excitement that he will be chancellor.
    • Referenced: Hannibal From the A-Team.
  • Is Sheev upset that she is going to leave? Or just pretending to be?
    • He doesn't really need her for his plan anymore.
  • Pete likes the cadence of "I've decided to go back to Naboo".
  • Ring theory? In minute 93 of ROTJ, Palpatine plays out his final scheme which eventually leads to his downfall (literally), vs. This minute where his scheme is to get into power.
  • What is Jar Jar doing here? And where does he go?
  • Panaka facts.
    • His first name is Quarsh (played by Hugh Quarshie).
    • Later becomes Sheev's lackey.
    • Was originally going to be in AOTC, but he asked for too much money, so they replaced him.
    • Was supposed to be in The Clone Wars, but they didn't have enough money to put him in.
    • Panaka's hat—potential drinking game?
 Peteloaf's movie memories.
  Saw it 3–4 times in theaters. He hasn't seen it since then.
  He owns eps. II & III, not I.
  He never made an effort to see them opening night, but ended up seeing them because a friend had an extra ticket or something.

Meta Minute

  • 19:21 podcast episode length.
  • Plug for Pete's SoundCloud.
  • Although Senator Ask Aak first appears in Episode II, he also has appearances in Episode III and the Clone Wars.
  • The senator who seconds the motion in an earlier scene is Aks Moe.
  • Panaka appears in about 30 scenes in the movie. Of these, he is wearing his hat in 18 of them.


  • Pete: I don't know why, go ask Aak. Alex: <References Aflac insurance>.
  • Peteloaf: Bringing in the Sheevs.


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