Phantom Menace Minute 95: Compliment Sandwich

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April 2nd, 2016


Anakin watches as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan exchange angry looks.


Adam Stearn



  • This minute is book-ended by Qui-Gon comments and criticisms. Starts with Qui-Gon admitting that Obi-Wan is headstrong; ends with Qui-Gon saying it's disrespectful from your point of view.
  • Exposition minute.
  • Cut scene revealing Artoo's onboard jets.


  • The backhanded compliment that Qui-Gon gives to Obi-Wan.
    • It's like Qui-Gon is breaking up with Obi-Wan in front of Everybody.
    • Was this something they had discussed previously? Obi-Wan seems surprised. Awkward.
    • The Compliment Sandwich: Start with a compliment, give a critique, and end with a compliment.
  • The "Living Force"? What are the other kinds or aspects?
    • The "groovy Force?"
    • Referenced: The Fantastic Four & Freedom Force from Marvel comics.
  • Mace's lame excuses for not training Anakin.
  • Do the Jedi believe there is a Chosen One, and if so, do they believe Anakin is it?
  • How do the Jedi know that Maul was going after the Queen? And furthermore, how do they know they'll find him on Naboo? Or that he's even a Sith?
  • It would have been better if Yarael Poof gave us the exposition.
    • Yarael's name seems like an expletive.
  • "May the Force be with you" doesn't count as a direct quote, because that's just something people in this universe say.
 Adam's Phantom Menace Memories
  His TPM Number is either one or two. He wracked his brain but can't remember which.
  When he first saw it, he had just dropped out of college, and wasn't in a great place in his life.
  He thought, "No matter what, at least I have Star Wars. This is gonna be amazing."
  He worked at a video store all through college and grad school. While he was working he would just leave Star Wars on in the background on repeat.
  Adam was like a young Anakin in that he didn't do the traditional path, but he got life experience.

Meta Minute

  • 21:57 podcast episode length.
  • The closing act of Patreon Week.


  • Adam: Speaking of Yarael Poof - first of all I love the fact that I got to use the sentence "speaking of Yarael Poof..."
  • Pete: Remember that "Sith thing"? This is good for that.
  • Alex: No one's a fan of Artoo's rockets <long pause> right?


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