Phantom Menace Minute 96: There's Math For This

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April 4th, 2016


The wind whips at Anakin as he listens to the Jedi.


Jacob Sirof



  • Starts with Obi-Wan explaining the dangers of Anakin, and ends with Qui-Gon explaining Midi-chlorians.
  • A very appropriate minute to have a Prequels defender on.
  • Trailer line "the boy is dangerous..."
  • Jacob's favorite line in all of Star Wars "Your focus determines your reality"


  • Jacob is not a Prequel apologist specifically, he is a Lucas apologist. He ranks all six of the Lucas films equally, and higher than the post-Lucas films.
  • He believes that if there is any spirituality in the universe, it is probably something like the Force.
  • The Jedi are talking about Anakin when he's standing right there.
  • Shoutout to the great work by John Williams.
  • The opulence in the Prequel era vs. the rundown aesthetic of the Original Trilogy.
  • The mistakes of the Jedi in the Prequels led to the scaling back later on.
  • Nitpicking the Original Trilogy.
    • Callback to "the Jabba's Palace plan" from Return of the Jedi.
    • Jedi training padawans young, before they devote attachments.
  • Mentioned: Too old.
  • What if Qui-Gon had never trained Anakin, or if Luke had gone to the Academy.
  • Profound, philosophical lines in the Lucas films vs. in TFA.
  • Jacob believes Qui-Gon let himself get killed, much like Obi-Wan.
  • Lucas will never admit that he changed his mind about aspects of the story.
  • The Midi-chlorians.
    • Jacob likes the "scientific explanation" of the Force (as opposed to a faith-based ideology).
      • Referenced: the E-meter from Scientology.
    • Pete's theory that the Force does not exist.
    • The idea that the Jedi are wrong about Midi-chlorians.
  • Star Wars as Space fantasy, rather than science fiction.

Meta Minute

  • 40:29 podcast episode length.
  • Jacob misconstrues the meaning of the word "apologist". An apologist does not apologize for something but instead defends it from attack.
  • As of May 2017, neither Midi-chlorians nor Padmé have been mentioned in the new Star Wars films.
  • The concept that "your focus determines your reality" is a form of cognitive bias, and closely resembles the phenomenon of Selective perception, the tendency of expectations to actually alter your experience of the world. See also [



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