Phantom Menace Minute 97: The Throbbing Force

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April 5th, 2016


Amidala enters the ship, followed by her Handmaidens. Jar Jar hugs Qui-Gon and Anakin.


Jacob Sirof



  • Starts with Qui-Gon explaining what symbionts are, and ends with Darth Sidious asking if the planet is secure.
  • New Amidala outfit: Purple Travel Dress.
  • First scene where Anakin and Artoo get a chance to bond.
  • Another "R2 cheat". He couldn't make it up over the lip of the ramp, so they cut away.


  • Midi-chlorians as a spectrum.
  • The Force has no gender, but it does have a will.
  • Aspects of the Force.
    • The Living Force and the [Cosmic] Force. The Throbbing Force?
    • Qui-Gon as a specialist in the Living Force.
  • It's odd that Amidala is both an elected monarch AND a child. "Boy kings" are usually hereditary monarchs.
    • Referenced Game of Thrones.
  • Amidala's accent—who is she trying to fool?
    • Formal affect.
  • Jake Lloyd talk.
    • He's not the best actor, but he's fine.
    • The point of having Anakin starting as an innocent kid.
    • It's creepy when people hate children.
  • Unless it's directly contradicted by things in the new canon, the old E.U. might as well exist.
  • Jacob doesn't want to see recasting of characters that are the same age as those that have already appeared on film.
  • Characters played by multiple actors.
    • Wedge.
    • Vader.
  • Why is Jar Jar excited to be going home?
  • Cut dialog: Sidious ordering that the Federation destroy Amidala.
  • The "shocking reveal" is part of the Star Wars formula and is lacking in the Prequels.
    • Palpatine turned out to be Sidious, just like we all thought.
  • Plugs for the SWMLS, patreon, and Instagram.

Meta Minute

  • 29:16 podcast episode length.
  • "The will of the Force" is first mentioned in the second draft of "Adventures of the Starkiller"[1]. The first time this phrase appeared on screen was in minute 86.

Rogue One potential spoilers

  • Given Jacob's stance on recasting, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on CG Tarkin and CG Leia.
  • The mustache guy from the Rogue One teaser turned out to be Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna.
  • For a list of actors to portray Darth Vader on screen, see the page for minute 8 of Attack of the Clones.

Other Meta Notes

  • If you look carefully, R2's dome pops off just slightly in minute 64, during the podrace.


  • Pete: (As crackpot Qui-Gon) No, look, if you hang out with me long enough you're gonna hear voices too.
  • Alex: I don't think CGI birds poop the way regular birds do.
  • Jacob: So we done guys, wesa goin' home?


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