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"What is your Phantom Menace number?" has become a standard question for guests on The Phantom Menace Minute. It refers to the number of times that the person has seen The Phantom Menace in theaters (though the responder will often discuss how many times they've seen it since then too).
Alternatively, the Phantom Menace number can be thought of as the amount of time (either time into the movie or number of viewings) that it took the guest to decide that he or she didn't enjoy The Phantom Menace as much as the Original Trilogy.
The phrase was coined by Alex in minute 96 of ROTJ.

Phantom Menace Numbers

Guest/Host names Number of viewings
Pete 13 (including once in 3D)
Songe Riddle 13 (including once in 3D)
Jacob Sirof 13 (including twice in 3D)
Chris Radtke 11, in two hemispheres of the Earth.
Josh Flanagan 10
Anthony Dalto 9 (including once in 3D)
Dan Telfer 8
Jeremy Carter 7
Mike Drucker 7
Greg Iwinski 7
Dorina Arellano 6 or 7
Matt Gourley At least 6
Brandon Wainderdi 5 or 6 times
Phil Noto 5 or 6 times
Ron Richards At least 5
Alex 4 or 5
John Mathot 4
Joe Dator 4, although he started to question about halfway through viewing #1
Tony Thaxton 4 (including once in 3D)
Crystal Beth 4
Stuart Wellington 4 or 5
Jordan White 3 or 4 (including once in 3D)
John Ingle 3 1/2 times in the theater
Peteloaf 3 or 4 times, maybe more
Bert Tunnell 3 or 4
Matt Belknap At least 3 times.
Eric Carney At least 3 times.
Paul Scheer 3 (twice in one day)
Jim O'Kane 3
Brian Klein 3
Joseph Scrimshaw 3
J. K. Woodward 3. Twice in English, once in German. He actually liked it better in German, although he said Jar Jar was worse.
Greg Wyshynski 3
Gerry Porter 2 or 3 times. Mentioned on an Indiana Jones Minute Bonus episode.
Chrysanthe Tan At the most, 3.
David Hahn 2 in the theater, once on DVD. In the background. While he was doing something else.
Jennifer Landa 2
The Mysterious M 2
John Kovalic 2
Keith Phipps 2 in theaters. Maybe once more since then.
Ryan Haupt 1 very memorable time, probably one or two other times after that.
Paul Rust 2
Asterios Kokkinos 2
Mike Norton 2
Jenny Jaffe 2
Riley Silverman 2
Ben Szmidt 2
Brandon J. Carr 2
Hal Lublin 1, plus once in 3D
Adam Stearn Either 1 or 2, he can't remember which.
Rachael Noel Fox 1
Zak Koonce 1
Craven Moorhaus 1
Tony Consiglio 1
Meredith Woerner 1
Dan McCoy 1
Ella Moran 1
Kristen Siebecker 1
Brian Dunning 1
Father David Mowry 1
John Skrzypek 1
Jenna Busch 1
Ken Plume 1
Nikki Siclare 1
CeCe Pleasants 1
Chris Eliopoulos 1
Robert Coleman 1, but he was so disappointed by it he didn't see the other two Prequels in theaters at all.
Liz Whitaker 0


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