Jedi Minute 101: Choke Factor Zero

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I've heard of therapy dogs but this is ridiculous


May 25th, 2015


Admiral Piett and two fleet commanders watch the battle at the huge window of the Super Star Destroyer bridge.


Tasha Robinson & Keith Phipps



  • Starts with a TIE fighter crashing into the Mon Calamari ship, and ends with the Emperor telling the commander to fire at will.
  • The Redemption.
  • Two new Imperial officers.


  • Why is there a medical frigate and what is it doing charging headlong into the fray? What kind of medical treatment are people getting mid-battle?
    • Referenced: "Battlestar Galactica".
    • Pilot PTSD. Mentioned: 2-1B.
  • Referenced: Airplane!, "Star Trek".
  • The striking visual of the Millennium Falcon, like a coin being flipped.
  • Additional crew on the Falcon. "Pressure Steady" as a black box play about them.
    • Callout to Tasha's husband. Characters whose only purpose in the movie is to give the person in charge the chance to explain the plan.
  • This is Piett's moment of glory. Even if he doesn't know what the full plan is, he knows that the Emperor does, and there's no risk of him being choked.
    • Every action has an associated "Choke Factor". This has is choke factor zero.
  • Deleted subplot of tension between Vader and the Emperor. Piett was Vader's guy, historically.'
  • What does "attack position" mean when you're a giant sheaf of guns in space? Aim the pointy end toward enemies.
  • Direct visual quote between Luke looking out the window at the battle, and Leia looking through the sail barge porthole. Callback to Luke staring at the French horn.
    • They're a family of gazers.
    • Why Luke is looking out the tiny window and not the giant one right next to him? Luke can probably barely see anything from so far away.
  • Mentioned: The Force doesn't exist.
  • The Emperor's eyes ("slugs").
  • Ruining the movie for people.
  • It's boring that the Emperor is just a guy. He could have been an interesting alien.
  • Sheev/Skeeve is basically a pickup artist. Repeat what you want to happen until it becomes true.
  • Lazily echoing elements of previous successful movies.
  • Shoutout to Ben Burtt.
Tasha was in the audience for Stephen Colbert's interview of George Lucas at Tribeca. Lucas acknowledged that the sound design is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking, but the dialog is not. He played it off as a joke (to poke fun at fans who have criticized his writing dialog), but it fell like a ton of bricks.
Keith read the novel in the days leading up to seeing the movie, but regrets that now. He loved it, and saw it before he could evaluate it objectively. It gets a lifetime pass since he loved it as a kid. Tasha, on the other hand, had her critical instincts awoken by seeing this movie.
  • Anti-Jedi backlash. Apparently, a consensus had been reached during the Dark ages without Keith's knowledge.
  • In defense of the movie, the effects were the most ambitious. Pushing the technological envelope.
  • After Star Wars, Lucas finally had the money and the control to make the movies that he wanted.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 39:23 podcast episode length.
  • The day this episode aired was the 38th anniversary of the debut of Star Wars.
  • It's the start of another All-Star Week. This week is podcasting all-stars.
  • The man who states "Pressure steady" is listed as the Millennium Falcon's navigator in the ROTJ script. The two gunners on the Falcon are named Blount and General Cracken (yup, another general) in the new Canon.
  • Tasha's husband Bob will eventually appear in an 8-DAY-GREEDO call, and still later during the Attack of the Clones Minute.
  • The stuff you put under your eyes to reduce glare is called "eye black".


  • Alex: This is not the kind of show where we want to reference Wookieepedia.
  • Pete: (as the school nurse) Oh, you got blasted by the Death Star? Here's a bandaid and a cookie.
  • Pete: Remind me not to lend you my car.
  • Pete and then Alex: Skiffstuff.
  • Tasha: (as 2-1B) Oh, the puppy has lost the will to live. Better huck it out the exhaust port.


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