Jedi Minute 31: Sleeping Beauty

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February 16th, 2015


The Sail Barge stops to one side of the depression, as does the escort skiff. But the prisoner's skiff moves out directly over the center and hovers.


Dan McCoy, Elliott Kalan and Stuart Wellington



  • Starts with a vile Jabba telling Leia that soon she will appreciate him.
Ends with C-3PO saying that Jabba will now listen to your pleas before you are thrown into the Sarlacc pit.
  • First sighting of the mighty Sarlacc.


  • Jabba has a goblet in one hand; how does he drink from a cup with that huge mouth?
  • Does Jabba actually lick Leia's face or any other character?
  • R2-D2 as "The Waiter". C-3PO is not surprised to see him in this role.
  • R2-D2 is too low to be a drinks waiter. People must be bumping into him all the time. Although he is the perfect height to put drinks on to and he glides along nicely.
  • C-3PO bumping into R2-D2 is like that awkward moment when you meet an old friend at their service job. R2-D2 is a professional at all times.
  • There are aliens doing a shuffling dance in the background. The DJ is playing some old space hits from the 80s. The whole scene has an 80s feel.
  • Dance remixes of Star Wars music IRL.
  • One of the aliens is a Snivvian (the same race as Snaggletooth) called Geezum. Snivvians are the only race other than humans and Wookiees to appear in all three Original Trilogy movies.
    • The Snivvian in The Empire Strikes Back is named Wiorkettle (note: see below). Wiorkettle is in the background of a scene on Cloud City and is an interior designer.
  • C-3PO still refers to Luke as "Master". Isn't C-3PO owned by Jabba at the moment?
  • C-3PO is a total patsy in the plan as no-one trusted him with the details.
  • Why is C-3PO even there? R2-D2 may owe C-3PO a life debt, or C-3PO is a ghost droid haunting R2-D2 and all the other characters.
  • The quality of this movie drops after the Jabba sequence ends.
  • Mentioned: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Star Wars in the forest doesn't really work. There's not enough for the characters to do there.
  • Sand skiffs are really cool. There's one skiff driver that is just doing laps around the Sail Barge.
  • The Sarlaac is weird, gross and super fake - but it does generate good reaction shots from our heroes.
  • Being painfully digested over 1,000 years does not make much sense.
  • Where do Sarlaccs get food from normally?
  • The size of Sarlaccs and how they attract prey by emitting scents into the air.
  • Horrific things and characters in the Star Wars universe.
  • It's weird for a skiff in a desert to have a plank. It must just be for the Sarlacc - unless it's for extreme sports or Jabba has a pool back at the palace.
  • Jabba's family.
  • C-3PO uses a microphone and sound system on the Sail Barge.
  • A Special Edition change to the Sarlacc - added a beak. Ways they could have made the Sarlacc even more scary and horrifying.
  • Mentioned: Sleeping Beauty references in Return of the Jedi.
  • Aliens Weequay (race) and Barada (character) are seen in the background. They are fairly unimaginative characters and have strange EU back-stories.
  • Mentioned: Moby Dick.
  • How Max Rebo plays piano.
  • Bib Fortuna is on a different wavelength to everyone else - he is just creepily staring off into the desert.
  • Mentioned: Count Dracula.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 25:03 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Promotion for podcast Alphabeatical (Pick of the Week) and
  • The entire Flop House crew joins the podcast (all together for the first time.
    • This week's minutes are the first (and only) regular season episodes with three guests at a time.
    • It was revealed in ROTS minute 137 that they were one microphone short when they recorded these minutes.
  • Barada will come up again.
  • According to Wookieepedia, although the character is male, Wiorkettle was played by a woman in the film[1].


  • Pete: Don't gonk the waiter.
  • Alex: I smell a pretty lady, let's look in that hole, there's probably something in there!
  • Eliott: A chubby Cenobite wearing shorts.
  • Alex: A lot more Sarlacc and skiff action.


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