Jedi Minute 36: Frisbees and Lightsabers

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It's actually not 100% clear which of the stunt women this is. See below for more on this


February 23rd, 2015


Luke runs along the empty deck towards Leia and the barge gun, which she has brought around to point at the deck.


Jenny Jaffe



  • Starts with Leia telling R2 "C'mon, we have to get out of here quick" <sic>.
Ends with R2 and C-3PO being magnetically lifted out of the sand by crazy magnet heads.
  • Features the only time actor Anthony Daniels felt claustrophobic while being in the C-3PO costume, when Salacious Crumb gnaws at the droid's "eye".


  • Jenny wanted the Sarlacc minutes and the hosts got her onto the podcast as close to these as possible.
  • The rules of the podcast - you can talk about stuff that has already happened but you can't talk about stuff that hasn't happened yet (to avoid potential Spoilers).
  • Gold bikini Leia.
 Jenny has seen Return of the Jedi more than any other Star Wars movie due to:
  Seeing the Special Edition in the theater.
  Not seeing any other Star Wars movie for years.
  Owning a VHS tape of the movie.
 It's her favorite Star Wars movie due to all the teddy bears and Muppets.
  • Shouldn't magnets mess up or wipe the droids?
  • Why does the skiff have giant magnets and how did the droids get buried that deep head first?
  • Mentioned: Futurama.
  • C-3PO falling off the barge is played by a stunt woman wearing a rubber C-3PO costume. The same stunt woman also did all the stunts for Princess Leia / Carrie Fisher.
  • Stunts in movies and Carrie Fisher's state of mind during filming.
  • Mentioned: The Dark Knight.
  • Multiple stunt people hurt themselves during the filming of the falls into the Sarlacc pit.
  • C-3PO gets torn apart by Salacious Crumb the Muppet.
  • Salacious Crumb looks like the Rizzo the Rat Muppet.
  • Practical effects are fun to watch - much more fun than CGI.
  • Why Salacious Crumb is after C-3PO's eye.
  • C-3PO's hands / arms are useless - he can't even reach up to his head to shoo Salacious Crumb away.
  • B-1PO (one of C-3PO's predecessors), what it looked like and how the design evolved in the Star Wars universe over time.
  • The ball design of BB-8 seen in The Force Awakens trailer. This will be a great remote control toy. <Note - it is!>
  • Anthony Daniels being claustrophobic while filming the Salacious Crumb scene.
  • Luke instantly starts giving Leia orders - there are no greetings of any kind. This is a good example of patriarchy at work. There was also a scene of Leia fighting guys that was cut from the movie.
  • Why does Luke hold his arm and the lightsaber so high up in the air and why does the Jabba henchman shoot Luke's hand?
  • The shooter was trying to do a trick shot to make Luke drop the lightsaber and cut himself in half.
  • What happens when an active lightsaber is dropped blade down, cutting through the floor and continuing on to the planet's core, which in turn leads to the episode's title - Frisbees and lightsabers.
  • The guy that shoots Luke:
    • Is named Taym Dren-garen.
    • He is played by a stunt-man that is in the movie a lot in different roles.
    • The stunt-man has also been in a lot of other movies including James Bond and Indiana Jones.
  • Would being a stunt-person be a good job? Jenny thinks so.
  • Naming minor characters in Star Wars and how this was done.
  • Mentioned: Game of Thrones.
  • Featured extras in other movies should all be named and given a back-story.
  • Names for the Jaws Wiki. Call into the show and suggest some ideas!
  • The gun on the Sail Barge can be pointed at the deck of the barge; this seems like a bad idea.
  • What is the rope that Luke and Leia swing on actually attached to and why is it there? The Force.
    • Or Luke put the rope there to impress Leia and make her kiss him again.
  • Which skiff do they swing over to? The one that they just wrecked? If so, how did they get it running again?
  • There's a tiny bit of Tatooine tomorrow and then we head back into space.

Meta Minute

  • 24:54 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Mike, the father of an earlier caller who repeatedly attempted to recreate Luke's dive into the Sarlacc pit. The reason for this alluded him until he heard his son's call.
  • Along with Tracey Eddon, Sandi Gross may have also doubled for Carrie Fisher in ROTJ. There is some disagreement about which of these women was sunbathing alongside Carrie Fisher in the above picture, but it is most likely Eddon.
  • Harrison Ford's stunt double (here, and in Indiana Jones) was Vic Armstrong. Armstrong was also in a number of James Bond movies including Never Say Never Again.
  • The wiki for Jaws is rather boringly called the "Jaws Wiki". Coincidentally "Jawsipedia" was also mentioned by Mike Dawson later in ROTJ.


Golden Tony

  • Alex: Hazard pay for Tony Daniels. Jenny: (laughs) Tony Daniels? Best buddy Tony Daniels? Alex: Tony D. Pete: Golden Tony. Alex: (laughs) Golden Tony!
  • Jenny: Ah kill it [B-1PO]! Kill it with fire!

Other Quotes

  • Jenny: I was afraid in the elevator getting up here.
  • Jenny: Wiki-pe-da bigger boat.
  • Pete: Someone needs to show him the ropes.


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