Jedi Minute 52: A Ridiculous Amount of Extras

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March 17th, 2015


Han and Lando pause, then exchange salutes.


Doug Benson



  • Starts with Han telling Lando that he can take the Falcon.
Ends with Han responding to Chewbacca's complaints about the shuttle.


  • Do Alex and Pete ever look forward to a minute? Answer—yes; Obi-Wan's lies (Alex) and a specific thing the Ewoks do (Pete).
  • Links between Ewoks and Home Alone. Setting traps.
  • Han completely understands everything that Chewbacca says.
  • Does Chewbacca ever make happy noises or is he always just complaining? What would a happy Chewie sound like?
  • Subtitling R2-D2, Chewbacca and Jar Jar (with Jar Jar speaking in an alien language).
  • Roberto Benigni playing Jar Jar.
  • Ahmed Best's motion capture acting versus Andy Serkis'.
  • Han and Lando get into a big argument.
  • How is Lando not supposed to get a scratch on the Falcon? They're going in to battle. Or is that Han telling Lando to look after himself.
  • The acting in, and setting of this sequence has no sub-text—it is just very flat.
  • Different ways they could have filmed this scene.
  • Han and Chewie should have been piloting the Falcon; this whole sequence was changed a number of times as the script was being drafted. In a few drafts the Falcon was going to be destroyed with main characters dying. Instead they just opted to kill an Ewok.
  • Did Doug dodge a bullet by not doing the Ewok minutes or is he missing out?
  • How many minutes of Ewoks are there in this movie? The hosts will soon find out.
 The first time Doug saw the movie he left the theater when the Ewoks started dancing at the end. This wasn't his Star Wars.
 Doug skipped school to see both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi the first time. Doug does love movies.
 The "midnight screening" is now starting at 9pm Thursday to up the weekend numbers.
  • The last time we see the exterior of the Millennium Falcon. Reduced to a flat, lifeless matte painting (much like the movie itself).
  • There is a ridiculous amount of extras in this scene; they are all very busy.
  • Shouldn't the workers be looking at Han and Lando? Aren't they Heroes of the Rebellion at this point?
  • Doug was an extra in Bladerunner and tried to get in Harrison Ford's way as Ford was running down a street. Ford did Bladerunner to do a serious science fiction movie.
  • The movies that Harrison Ford did between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The timing of other Harrison Ford movies.
  • Why was Tom Selleck even considered as Indiana Jones?
  • Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones. Other Tom Selleck movies and Indiana Jones rip-offs (which did not work out).
  • Rip-offs that we'll see now (in 2015) given the success of 50 Shades and American Sniper.
  • The director "Mark Wand" (Richard Marquand).
  • Why Richard Marquand directed the movie instead of Irvin Kershner. George Lucas did not get on with Irvin Kershner.
  • Doug and his buddy tried to get in to Harrison Ford's way as extras in Bladerunner so that Ford would have to push them out of the way. Maybe this is why the extras in Return of the Jedi were told not to look at or approach Ford.
  • One extra is just standing in the middle of the hangar with a gun.
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Meta Minute

  • 23:15 podcast episode length.


  • Doug: It's going to take me a while to watch the movie this way.
  • Alex: (as Harrison Ford) <pleading> Let me die. Let me die.
  • Pete: Let's just kill an Ewok.


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