Jedi Minute 56: Sheev

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March 23rd, 2015


Everyone breaths a sigh of relief. Everyone but Luke, who looks worried. Chewie barks.


Bob Fingerman



  • Starts with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker sensing each other.
Ends with the shuttle approaching the Moon of Endor.


  • Bob Fingerman is a native Bobfingermanian.
  • Vader and Luke sensing each other sounds more interesting than it actually is.
  • Is Piett just used to Vader taking long pauses before responding?
  • Imperial Officers are just trying to do their job and keep getting shut down.
  • Are there any female support crew in the Empire? Answer: no. The Empire is also anti-alien.
  • Female and other characters being introduced in the new Star Wars books.
  • Nice shot of the shuttle lingering outside the Star Destroyer and Death Star II.
  • Lots of well-photographed miniatures.
  • Great awkward acting from the actor playing Admiral Piett. Mentioned Life of Brian (1979).
  • Admiral Piett worked under Sheev Palpatine. The Emperor's first name is Sheev.
  • "Sheev it!" as a minced oath.
 This movie cured Bob of Star Wars.
 He saw it when he was 17; the youthful exuberance of the first two had waned.
 This was one of his coming to age points.
 He loved the first two movies.
 By the time this movie had come out there had been a whole summer of "hard" sci-fi movies.
 Bladerunner; Road Warrior; The Thing.
 Teddy bears just didn't cut it.
 Bob saw Return of the Jedi at Loews Astor Plaza in Times Square on opening day.
 He saw all three Star Wars movies on their opening day.
 Loews Astor Plaza is now a concert venue. Mentioned: Devo
 There is only one giant single screen theater left in New York - The Ziegfeld.
 Ranks the movie as his third favorite Star Wars movie due to the overall low quality of the Prequels.
  • There are inconsistencies between the shuttles that we see on screen; the cockpit is too low for the landing scene.
  • The cockpit may be adjustable / movable on the shuttle. Call for help from Ryan the Scientist.
  • Science and design sense in Star Wars.
  • What happens if the shuttle isn't cleared for landing?
  • Would they have cleared them if Luke wasn't on-board? Various scenarios are discussed.
  • What do Ewoks eat? Stormtroopers.
  • How the energy shield / force field actually works.
  • Han Solo has a little moment of optimism when they are cleared.
  • Mentioned - Sabrina and Harrison Ford doing comedy.
  • Mentioned - Regarding Henry.
  • Oscars for actors playing differently able characters.
  • How Harrison Ford will behave if / when he accepts an Oscar.
 On September 10th, 2001, Bob saw Harrison Ford on a street in New York pushing a stroller.
 He looked miserable.
 The assumption is that there was a baby in the stroller.
 He was waiting outside the Duane Reade store on Broadway.
 Bob remembers September 2001 differently to other people.
  • Bob has nothing more to add for this minute.
  • ROTJ 82 is one of Bob's favorite minutes in cinema history. The hosts will record Bob's comments for Minute 82 and play them as part of that podcast episode when the time comes.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 20:19 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read for
  • It's an all-star cartoonist week on the podcast.
  • After the Disney purchase, far more female characters were introduced to the franchise, both in the Empire and elsewhere.
  • Palpatine was named "Sheev" in the novel Tarkin. Since this novel is canon, that is Palpatine's "real" first name.
  • The Ziegfeld Theatre is no longer open, and actually closed during its showing of The Force Awakens[1].


  • Bob: Where da women at?
  • Alex: The cockpit on the shuttle is too low for it to land. It is so low. Solo!


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