Jedi Minute 76: The Nooch

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April 20th, 2015


Threepio is in the midst of a long, animated speech in the Ewok's squeaky native tongue.


Matt Gourley



  • Starts with the end of the Artoo & Wicket scene; it ends with C-3PO telling the story about "Nooch Vader".
  • Return of "Toronto gosh!"


  • Darth and Nooch: the Vader brothers.
    • The Nooch as the playground bully.
  • In isolation, this minute has a very post-coital feel to it.
  • Does C-3PO think he can fly now? Hopefully.
    • Pete's pet theory that the Force doesn't exist.
  • Anthony Daniels should do the story of their adventures so far as a one-man show (in the original Ewokese!)
  • Where does C-3PO get his sound effects from? Some kind of soundboard?
  • "Gantry" and "beckoning" from the Star Wars Micro collection.
  • People hating toy talk.
    • The vocal minority.
  • C-3PO telling the entire Star Wars saga to the Ewoks.
  • All Ewoks (besides the Woklings) wear some kind of hat. Mentioned: Donald Duck syndrome.
  • Matt is pro-Ewok.
  • Ewok facts: Tarfang the Ewok smuggler.
  • Hearing English when Star Wars alien languages are spoken.
  • Support the show!

Meta Minute

  • 22:36 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call. C-3PO said he wasn't very good at telling stories, but then in this movie he tells the story so fantastically. Did he misjudge his abilities, was he being dishonest, or did he receive some upgrades in the interim?
  • This episode (and the rest of this week) was recorded as a part of Star Wars Celebration in L.A.
  • Both "gantry" and "beckoning" were mentioned in previous episodes.
  • C-3PO suddenly getting his memory back and expanding on his story is the premise of the Lego Star Wars Droid Tales.


  • Pete: It's a good time to be a Star Wars fan, I think. Matt: Yeah. *reverently* It's a good time to be alive.
  • Alex: (as Peter Mayhew) Maybe you remember my big yawning scene in Return of the Jedi. Pete: Oh I remember the yawning scene in Return of the Jedi, believe me.
  • Alex: (as C-3PO) Behold, your new god!
  • Matt: Have I told you the story of Nooch Plagueis The Wise?
  • Matt: (as Jabba) Honky-tonk droid.


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