Jedi Minute 82: Bah!

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April 28th, 2015


An Imperial shuttle floats down from the Death Star and lands gracefully on the huge platform.


Paul Rust



  • Starts with Leia telling Han that she can't tell him, and ends with the Imperial shuttle landing on the Endor platform.
  • "Death Star with crickets" fakeout.


  • What/why can't Leia tell Han?
  • Pete's theory that the Force doesn't exist.
  • "Dicey" points in this movie. Contrast this with the Han-Leia scenes in Empire.
  • Macaroni and cheese.
  • Chemistry between Harrison and Carrie.
  • Ford facts:
    • Favorite movie he was in: Mosquito Coast
    • Turned down the role of Meathead in "All in the Family".
    • Deleted scene in E.T.
  • Han wanting a chance to get Leia alone before Luke invited himself along.
    • Or was Han looking for excuses to break up with her?
  • Cool, expensive toys.
    • They should have made a platform playset to go with it.
    • Sarlacc pit toy/boardgame.
Paul remembers getting a load of Star Wars (especially ROTJ) toys for Christmas one year because a few years had passed since the movie and they were marked down in a fire sale.
He saw ROTJ in the theater when he was 2. Supposedly it was the first movie he saw in theaters.
Fun memories passing time while waiting in line to go on Star Tours at Disneyland.
  • Weird time shift between when this episode was recorded and when it aired, and grammatical issues arising from this.
  • Do all the things to Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 23:02 podcast episode length.
  • Cold Open: Former guest of the show Bob Fingerman loves this minute the most because you can actually see the moment when Harrison Ford decided to give up on acting.
  • Crickets actually are a species in the Star Wars canon. No word on whether they can be found on Endor though.


  • Paul: ...and I'm Paul Rust from... uh...<long pause> Los Angeles.
  • Paul: It's like Meet the Parents times...Space!
  • Pete: So, what's going on in "saws" these days?
  • Alex: (as Han) I've been in carbonite for a year. Daddy needs to roam!
  • Pete: Look Mom, I need $200 to buy a Star Wars table.


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