Revenge of the Sith Minute 88: Business Ship

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Parking for the Soulless One only.

All others will be sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel, smashed into who knows what.


March 14th, 2018 (Pi day!)


OBI-WAN flies away from the planet Utapau in General Grievous's tiny Starfighter.


Kelly Anneken



  • Starts with Obi-Wan stealing a car, and ends with Artoo and C-3PO reunited at last.


  • Referenced: Back to the Future.
  • His Jedi ship left without him, so he steals the Soulless One (General Grievous' car).
    • The ship rise Grievous arrived in is his business ship; this is his personal fighter.

Meta Minute

  • 28:39 podcast episode length.
  • When this episode was first posted, it was incorrectly labeled as Minute 87.
  • This is the third season in a row to have an episode air on Pi day.


  • Pete: (re: the Soulless One) It's his midlife crisis sports car.
  • Kelly: All the various space chickens are coming home to roost.
  • Kelly: Tortured love scenes are m'jam.


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