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Hailing from the mean streets of Long Island, NY, Ron Richards has been reading & collecting comics for more than 2/3 of his life, beginning with Uncanny X-Men #269, which led to his co-founding of in 2001. Since then Ron has been a pioneer in the 21st century comics media, cultivating one of the most popular audio podcast and Internet TV shows about comics, as well as growing the iFanboy community to one of the best in the world. Ron will happily talk you ear off about all things Marvel Comics. If you’re lucky he might even share with you the inspiration for his sideburns. He spends his days wondering “what would Scott Summers do?” while residing in San Francisco amongst the thriving technology start-up and entrepreneurial environment.

Inspired by Star Wars Minute, Ron co-hosted Goodfellas Minute, and now works as VP/Managing Editor of New Media at Marvel Comics.

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