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SWM-Canon (Star Wars Minute Canon), also known as M-canon (Minute canon), are stories and ideas that are not canonical in the larger Star Wars universe, but are commonly accepted by the hsots and/or the listeners of Star Wars Minute.

STAR WARS (1977)

Ben Kenobi is a killer

This is also known as the "Kenobiist" theory. It is well known that Ben Kenobi is a filthy liar and is not above manipulating the situation to achieve his aims. To ensure that Luke would join him and learn the ways of the force, Kenobi killed not only the Jawas, but perhaps the Lars family as well. Guest Mars Wong mentioned that he is a Kenobiist.

Luke's nickname is "Wormie"

On Tatooine, Luke's friends at the Tosche station called him "Wormie" as a derogatory nickname. This is from the former Expanded Universe (now Star Wars Legends), but it is still canon among Star Wars Minute hosts and listeners. The headline of the local Tatooine newspaper after Luke destroyed the first Death Star was "Wormie Wins Big" according to Pete in Minute 112.