Star Wars Minute 34: Idealistic Crusade

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July 18th, 2013.


Minute 34: Luke is given his father's lightsaber.


Gaz Gretsky



  • C-3PO closes down.
  • The first time we see a lightsaber.
  • The action basically stops to allow Luke to present or show-off the lightsaber, which everyone agrees is an awesome weapon.
  • Ben states that blasters are clumsy and random.
  • Ben explains Darth Vader to Luke.


  • Gaz thinks Luke's repair to C-3PO's arm looks like pantomime (i.e. not real).
  • Why C-3PO closes down.
  • Is Anthony Daniels in the suit for the whole time that he is closed down?
  • The 'computer' mode that C-3PO goes into when he closes down and how he opens up again.
  • The dangerous way that a) Ben gives Luke the lightsaber and b) Luke holds and uses the lightsaber when he turns it on for the first time.
  • Swords and knights as toys before Star Wars.
  • Different objects that can be used as lightsaber toys (cardboard tubes, fluorescent globes <dangerous and strongly not recommended> etc.).
  • What the various colours of lightsabers mean and the difference in the colour of Luke's between the movie and various toys.
  • Different lightsaber toys, including 'Force Effects'.
  • At what age did Anakin want Luke to have the lightsaber? i.e. At what age was Luke 'old enough'?
  • Luke not having a Driver's Licence (droids do all the driving).
  • Are blasters clumsy and random, or are Stormtroopers?
  • Ben's explanation of, and language around, Darth Vader is very obtuse and unclear. Also, it appears to take him a while to get his story straight.
  • What idealistic crusade was Luke's father on? He was in a war. Alex tries to rationalise this in terms of having a goal in mind that was a higher calling (i.e. holding the Galactic Republic together).
  • What version of history is taught in the Empire? That is, are the Jedi good or bad guys as "guardians of the peace."
  • The confusing portrayal of Jedi in the Prequels.
  • Crew member shadows in this minute. Or was it someone else in the actual movie? (e.g. a Tusken Raider, an Imperial spy, the essence of Qui-Gon Jinn.)

Meta Minute

  • 21:33 podcast episode length.
  • The team sound a little punch-drunk in this episode.


  • Pete: "I'm worried that by the end of this I'm going to think that, that George Lucas is a genius and this whole thing is one grand network of, of amazing woven storytelling." Alex: "I'm going to assume that has more to do with the genius of a...million nerds on the internet you know..." Gaz: "Justifying every detail."
  • Alex: In relation to alternate lightsabers "This is your Father's Whacking Stick."
  • Pete: Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, what are ideals?
  • Pete: When you pictured this whole back story when you were a kid you didn't picture a lot bureaucracy and negotiation?
  • Alex: When I was a kid I kept really some point they go into an explanation for the taxation of trade routes in The Galactic Republic.


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