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Music is a small but integral part of the show. Each episode opens with the same theme, but closes with a song that is specific to the movie being discussed.

Main Show

Living in These Star Wars

The Rebel Force Band 'back in the day'.

This is the title track of the inimitable album released in 1977. It has been the opening theme on each and every episode of SWM since the very beginning and was the closing theme for the both the original Star Wars Star Wars Minute and Star Wars Minute presents: The Book of Boba Fett. It was written and performed by former guest of the show, Dan Whitley and his Rebel Force Band. The beginning of the ‘Disco Version’ is the opening song, and an instrumental break from the original version played off the end.

The Empire Strikes Back

The closing theme for ESB minute is "The Empire Strikes Back (Medley)" by our good friend Meco, who also brought a little disco to many other Star Wars themed tunes.

The Imperial March

Far from the bombastic John Williams piece, this version of the Imperial March is composed of ukulele and whistling. It was arranged by the Kuri-corder quartet. This catchy tune plays during Star Wars Minute ads.

Lapti Nek

This was the closing theme for the Return of the Jedi Minute. It was performed by Urth (Joseph William's band). They recorded several versions, and the one used for the closing theme is the "disco version" As a Roll Call of Heroes gag, the patreon supporters changed their names to the Huttese lyrics of "Lapti Nek".

Ewok Celebration

Another one by our friend Meco, the "club version" of the Ewok Celebration song plays over the end of the final episode of the Jedi Minute season of the show.

Duel of the Fates

A jazzy instrumental version of the iconic song from The Phantom Menace can be heard over the end of episodes of The Phantom Menace Minute. It is performed by The Andrew Allen Trio and is part of an album full of Star Wars-related music, available on Amazon.

Across the Stars

Also known as the "Anakin/Padmé Love Theme" or "Love Theme from Attack of the Clones", it was arguably more beautiful and convincing than the actors would have you believe. This totally rockin' cover (by our very own Tony Thaxton and the Thaxtones) is the closing theme for Attack of the Clones Minute.

Radtke's Theme

IT'S GARBAGE!! Actually it's pretty awesome, and it was also written and performed by Tony "the Thax" Thaxton.

Battle Of The Heroes

Closing theme from Revenge of the Sith Minute. This theme was provided by former guest of the show Chrysanthe Tan. Thirty-six different Chrysanthei recorded tracks for this theme. Listen to the full thing here!

Rey's Theme

The closing theme for The Force Awakens Minute. Another one by our band leader Tony Thaxton. This song was written as a part of Tony's Cloud City Soundtrack on Patreon.

Theme from Rogue One

Listener Kake Jelly (yes that's his name) provided the closing theme for Rogue One Minute.

The Last Jedi closing theme

Another one written and performed by the bandleader Tony Thaxton, this one's called (for obvious reasons) "Porgmania".


"Han Solo We Wish We were You" by The Underdog Night Soldiers. If you recognize the lead singer's voice, it's because it's our own Alex's brother, Andy Robinson.

Babu Frik

The closing theme for The Rise of Skywalker Minute, by Don't Stop Or We'll Die.

Patreon Themes

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Main article: Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Sock it to 'Em J B

Originally by Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers, the version used as the opening/closing theme for That's No Moonraker is covered by The Specials.

Listener-submitted themes

These themes are submitted by guests and/or fans of the show and are meant to be played before their respective segments. Unfortunately, Pete often misplaces the files or doesn't have a sound board set up, so the themes aren't used very often. This has become a bit of a running joke.

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