Star Wars Minute 100: Bro Loses Bro

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October 18th, 2013


Luke is quite saddened at the sight of his friend’s departure.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with Luke discovering that Han is leaving and being disappointed; ends with Luke being so disappointed that he leaves Han and walks away.


  • Han's matching luggage full of space bucks. In the radio drama this isn't cash / space bucks; it is precious metals that the Rebellion had stockpiled for repairs and other uses. This emphasizes that Han is all about the reward and not the cause.
  • Josh points out that there are a lot of clear but unsaid feelings in this minute. Han likes Luke and the cause but has a bounty on his head and is scared of being killed, so he certainly has his reasons for 'being a jerk' at this stage.
  • What finally changes Han's mind? Chewbacca's look after Luke walks away.
  • What would have happened if Luke did leave with Han? Wasn't going to happen - Luke was fully bought in at this point.
  • Maybe the suitcases are full of flash drives containing digital money; hard drives with information on how much money he's getting; dozens of 1.44 floppy disks; free AOL minutes.
  • Passive-aggressive, sarcastic, snarky, petulant Luke in this scene.
  • Han's self-conscious "May The Force be with you". Although he's making an effort to connect with, and support, Luke.
  • Chewbacca's nag-growl.
  • Other 'partners' that have ridden with Han and Luke. There was Bollux the droid.
  • This scene is a counterpoint to the other recent scene between Han and Luke in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon - see SWM 96. It is also really important as the effect of the look and attitude that Luke gives Han ultimately saves the Rebellion's attack. The bond formed in the previous scene informs the tension in this scene and the joy of Han's ultimate return. Alex sums it up with - Bro meets Bro; Bro loses Bro; Bro regains Bro.
  • Host guilt (time – 10:12).
  • Leia's determined not to change her clothes; they're her good luck charm. Plus Chewbacca must be really dirty and smelly at this point—or he licked himself clean at some stage.
  • Han and Chewbacca living together on the Falcon, plus Chewbacca coughing up hair-balls all the time.
  • While Han and Luke are having their broment in this scene, Chewbacca and C-3PO are having a conversation about something. What are they talking about? See the story below from Pete for more information.

Meta Minute

  • 20:50 podcast episode length.
  • Episode 100! Also, there are now over 24 hours of podcast episodes. Congratulations to the hosts and listeners.
  • Referenced:
  • The voice actor that dubs General Dodonna in the movie also played Dodonna in the radio drama. Variation to "You can cut that out" from Alex when he tells Pete to drop that fact into the previous podcast episode - SWM 99.
  • Han understands what Chewbacca is saying. Star Wars (i.e. episode 4) rule - Certain characters understand the different languages of certain other characters but they ALWAYS reply in their own language. This rule isn't necessarily adhered to in the later movies. Do all parties understand literally what is being said (i.e. word for word)?
  • Bossk (a Trandoshan) eating Wookiees and getting hair-balls as a result. Also, Alex - making reference to his pet peeve - indicates that all Trandoshans are bounty hunters and are famous because they love curling their toes across metal plates.
In regards to what Chewbacca and C-3PO are talking about in the background of the scene between Han and Luke in this minute, this (amazing) story follows from Pete:
Pete was working at Forbidden Planet.
They had a last minute signing session with Peter Mayhew.
Mr. Mayhew had been booked at a convention for the whole weekend but for some reason he wasn't needed on the Sunday.
Forbidden Planet were therefore contacted last minute to host Mr. Mayhew for a signing session.
There was no time for any promotional materials so they spread the word as much as they could.
This resulted in about a dozen fans / guests turning up for a session of over an hour.
All of the guests met Mr. Mayhew and the Forbidden Planet staff then spent the rest of the session with him.
(Pete remembers the session being awkward just because it was so quiet as it had been arranged very last minute. It wasn't anyone's fault - it just worked out that way.)
This occurred in 1999 / 2000 or so.
(Josh points out that Mr. Mayhew often appeared in San Diego in the early and mid 2000s and was quite easy to meet.)
Pete, trying to make it less uncomfortable (and quite incredibly), mentioned this minute's scene in detail and wondered aloud what Chewbacca and C-3PO were taking about.
Mr. Mayhew simply responded with Mm-hmm and nothing else.
It was way late in the session at that point and Pete thinks that Mr. Mayhew was counting the minutes until it was over. Pete was hoping for more and perhaps he would have got a bigger response earlier in the hour.
Again, Pete points out that it was no-one's fault - especially not Mr. Mayhew's - and it just worked out that way.
(The hosts ponder what Star Wars fans can possibly say now to actors that were in the original Star Wars trilogy that hasn't been asked at least a hundred times already. Pete points out that this is exactly why he went so obscure with his question - it was either that or asking about The Holiday Special! Alex points out that this  obscurity, in turn, reduces the possibility of the actor having anything meaningful to say about the topic - it is a lose-lose situation. Josh and Alex suggest that the only real option is to go non-Star Wars and talk to them like they are human beings that aren't haunted by this one thing / specter they did a really long time ago.)
The hosts discuss Mr. Mayhew (as of October 2013) and his involvement in future Star Wars projects.
  • Thanks to, and from, Josh for the week.
  • Thanks to, and from, Alex and Pete for 100 episodes. Lets pop open some blue milk!


  • Josh: ...feeling kinda honored; I'll be honest. Pete: You're in the hundred club.
  • Pete: If you've listened to all of these, you've listened to SWM for over a day of your life.
  • Alex: That's his father talking.
  • Alex: In regards to Han "You could say that he's the Hero of the Rebellion in a way" Josh: "he would be if it wasn't for Wedge Antilles" (see SWM 98).
  • Josh: In relation to Bossk eating Wookiees "I eat chicken but I don't get feathers" Pete: "That's because you're not doing it right."
  • Pete: As Jabba The Hutt "Dawonky Chewbacca".


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