Star Wars Minute 111: Luke Hogs the Glory

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November 4th, 2013


Laserbolts are flung from Vader's TIE fighter, connecting with Red Leader's Rebel X-wing fighter. Red Leader buys it, creating a tremendous explosion far below. He screams and is destroyed.


Tim Kreider



  • Red Leader fails to blow up the Death Star
  • Luke takes over and starts giving orders
    • Wedge is ready to and willing to follow Luke
  • Luke starts his attack run
  • Beggar's Canyon mentioned
  • Great battle music in this sequence (thanks John Williams!)
  • Vertiginous shot (like on a roller coaster)


  • New appreciation for Red Leader
    • His disappointment at not blowing up the Death Star
    • His calm stoicism
    • His war cry as he is shot down
  • Tim shares an Ode to Wedge haiku:

Wedge Antilles--
Unsung hero of the saga
Luke hogs the glory.

  • Shoutout to former guest of the show Josh Flanagan.
  • Good view of the inside of Vader's cockpit. Even for a spaceship, it looks weird, but it matches his aesthetic.
  • Tim loved the soundtrack to this film, and listening to it on repeat is what got him to listen to classical music.
  • Mentioned The Black Hole
  • What would your "Flying into battle" pump-up music be?
  • Official announcement of the first live show and the creation of

Meta Minute

  • 17:52 podcast episode length.
  • Tim was mentioned early on during Minute 2 of Star Wars as being a potential guest on the show. Now he finally shows up.
  • Tim is a connoisseur of explosions. He does not highly regard the Red Leader explosion.
  • In a future appearance, Tim will repeat the haiku.
  • According to Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Episode I, Beggar's Canyon was inhabited by hermits who were chased out of Mos Espa.
  • The run through Beggar's Canyon (to which Luke refers) is covered in the Star Wars Radio Drama.
  • By the time Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, Lucasfilm had already converted all of Episodes I & II, and much of Episode III. Disney has since released these 3D conversions at subsequent Star Wars Celebrations[1]. 20th Century Fox retains the distribution rights to episodes V, VI, & I-III until 2020[2], so it is possible that Disney will postpone future 3D releases until that time. However, Fox owns the rights to Star Wars (the original 1977 film) in perpetuity, so how Disney will get around this is anybody's guess.
    • However, with the successful 2019 purchase of 20th Century Fox (and subsequent renaming to 20th Century Studios) by Disney, it's anybody's guess as to what will happen next.
  • In Solo We hear the Imperial March over a recruitment video, meaning that the song exists both within the Star Wars universe as well as in our universe.


  • Tim: (As an exasperated Luke) "Am I the only one around here who's got ANY FORCE IN HIM?!"


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