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November 12th, 2013


Leia is dressed in a long white dress and is staggeringly beautiful. She rises and places a gold medallion around Han's neck. He winks at her. She then repeats the ceremony with Luke, who is moved by the event.


John Kovalic



  • The Death Star has been blown up; everyone is happy and the minute starts with our heroes walking down the aisle to receive their medals and ends with R2-D2 squealing in delight that everything worked out.


  • The elephant in the room - Chewbacca doesn't receive a medal.
  • In the Marvel comics adaptation of this scene they address the medal issue as follows - Chewbacca will receive a medal but he'll have to put it on himself later as Princess Leia isn't tall enough. A no prize explanation. Alderaan had a Royal Footstool; Yavin 4 doesn't.
  • Even at the beginning Luke and Han are walking in front and Chewbacca is walking behind them. Chewbacca is the Best Man, or Best Wookiee, at this ceremony. Chewbacca looks a little down during this whole sequence. They should have at least given Chewbacca a Wookiee treat to chew on or something.
  • Referenced: Apple and their 1984 commercial; a runner throwing a torch halfway through the medal ceremony.
  • Han and Luke are wearing clean clothes but Chewbacca is still the same. Leia might even be wearing the same dress - just clean and slightly redesigned.
  • The aim of the Rebellion was to form a Republic and yet the Royal Princess is still the one handing out the medals (with General Jan Dodonna assisting).
  • Did anyone explain to Han and Luke how to bow and behave in front of Royalty?
  • R2-D2 squealing in delight is like your cell phone going off in a meeting.
  • There is an 'R2-D2 is dead' fake-out shot in this minute. C-3PO is shown by himself and then we cut back to R2-D2 'walking' in.
  • R2-D2 arrives late to the ceremony. He's a tardy droid making an entrance.
  • Who are the guys in the white / silver outfits in the audience? There are the pilots and army forces, but who are these guys? Janitors, ground-crew, air traffic controllers? Also, where did all these pilots come from? Perhaps they were hiding during the battle.
  • Poor Biggs. That's all - poor Biggs.
  • (Editor's note: the following is now Legends; for the current Disney canon, see below) The Y-wing pilot that survived the battle is Gold Seven and his name is Keyan 'Lucky' Farlander. Lots of EU stuff about this pilot—but the best thing is that his best friend's name is Hamo Blastwell. Hamo must have hung out with Porkins, and they even had a morning radio show together—'The Alderaan Morning Zoo'.
  • Leia is very happy in this scene given that her planet, and everything she's known, was only recently obliterated.
  • You can hear the medals jangle in this scene; viewers don't always hear it.
  • Who gets the most attention from Leia in this scene - Han or Luke? Alex conveys a story about what happened the night before the ceremony, which makes the ceremony very awkward and layered in retrospect.
  • Fantastic music in this sequence. It may be the best music in the entire trilogy - after the main theme and the Imperial march.
  • Similarities between this scene and the end of The Phantom Menace.
  • The ceremony takes place on Yavin 4 in the throne room of the Massassay temple. The Clone Wars revisits this location for a laser-sword battle between Anakin and an evil Jedi.

Meta Minute

  • 26:47 podcast episode length.
  • John says that the hardest part of coming on to the show this late in the movie is that every single Star Wars joke has already been done. Alex tells him to have a go anyway, to which John says "This IS the droid you are looking for".
  • Carrie Fisher looks great in this scene. Not one of her most iconic outfits.
  • The hosts talk about a theory, shared via the Star Wars Minute Listener's Society that Star Wars is actually about Han Solo's transformation, not Luke at all. They agree that Han is a bit sheepish in this scene and likes being on the good-guy's team. Although he winks - so he's still a scoundrel at heart.
  • John says that the visual and musical transitions in to, and out of, the medal scene were fantastic when he was 14 years old (and now).
  • Has the temple used for the set of Yavin 4 been used for any other movies or TV shows?
John shares his memories of Star Wars:
  It is still one of his top 5 movies. This rotates depending on his mood.
  He remembers seeing and hearing about it for the first time.
  He heard about it while flying back to the States from England to visit family. John went to school in England.
  He was reading a Time magazine article about the movie. He was only 4-years old at the time.
  No, he was 14 or 15 years old (as mentioned earlier) but was still very impressionable.
  For some reason the article made him think that the movie was a western. Luke being on a farm on Tatooine etc.
  He missed that it was sci-fi; John was a huge sci-fi nut.
  However the first he had heard of it was it in the summer of 1977 on that plane.
  At the first theater that he saw he convinced his Mum and Dad to drop him off.
  The movie had already started—he missed the first few minutes—and it was already up to
  R2 walking around in the desert before being shot by the Jawas.
  Initially he still thought it was some kind of western, but he just loved the movie and saw it 10 times in the theater.
  John adored the movie; it was life changing and he had never experienced anything like it.
  Of course the movie was very manipulative; it used classic story-telling and a lot of myth tropes - but it was still fantastic.
  When John went back to England he told his friends all about it and organized an outing to go and see it with them.
  He was in Somerset (the 'Wisconsin of England') and couldn't wait for it to get there.
  In England at the time movies still had an intermission and "God Save the Queen" was always played at the end of the movie.
  So, after one scene midway through the movie, it stops, the lights come up and there are people down the front selling ice-cream.
  It was kind of a downer to have Star Wars interrupted like that.
  You were allowed to leave the theater before God Save The Queen but it would be frowned upon.
  You also had to stand for God Save The Queen at the end of the movie.
  They don't still do this and it had all stopped by about 5 to 10 years later.
  • Thanks to, and from, John for being on this episode. John is now going to consider and analyse every movie that he's seen one movie at a time.
  • According to the new (Disney) canon, the mysterious Brown Squadron Y-wing was actually Gold Three, flown by Evaan Verlaine.
    • Farlander is still canon, but he doesn't appear on film until Return of the Jedi, when he is a B-wing pilot. His Legends callsign, Gold Seven, was used by Gazdo Woolcob in the new Disney canon.
  • After the closing theme - John sings / mumbles a few lines of "God Save The Queen".
  • Quotes

    • Alex: We are as home-stretchy as it can get.
    • John: I don't want to micro-analyse this because, god forbid you know. Pete: Wait, what? Alex: Yeah, this is not the place for that sort of...
    • Pete: In regards to Leia "Well, she was a REBELLIOUS teenager after all." (Note - October 2016 - A similar line has been seen in the trailer for the upcoming Rogue One movie. Jyn Erso - "This is a rebellion isn't it? I rebel.")
    • Alex: Jangle Fett.
    • Alex: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are they on Yavin 4?


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